SoccerCity should kick SDSU’s plans to the curb

Dorian Uson, Editor-in-Chief

Ever since the San Diego Chargers left San Diego, becoming the Los Angeles Chargers, the city of San Diego has been trying to figure out plans for what to do with Qualcomm Stadium. Two plans have been proposed, Proposition E, known as Soccer City, and Proposition G, which includes plans to extend San Diego State University west into Mission Valley creating more housing and a larger campus. Many voters are skeptical about which option will be better for the community, not realizing that one of the two will cost residents more time in traffic, more money in taxes, and less fun for all. Proposition E is beneficial for everyone.
According to the San Diego City Clerk office website, Soccer City will be 100% privately funded. “… to bring Major League Soccer to San Diego and build an exciting new stadium for professional soccer and SDSU football. A sports and entertainment district will include new restaurants, outdoor concerts, youth playing fields and more.” The plan protects taxpayers money as residents will be receiving full market value for the land. With the quick construction of the stadium, taxpayers will save millions of dollars annually.
Proposition G will create more traffic for San Diegans, which as most people know, is already a city-wide problem. The proposition will use taxpayer dollars to build the stadium for SDSU’s football team, instead of allowing the football team  to continue renting the space out for games. While the plans for the stadium will save SDSU money, it will cost San Diegans more time in their cars and more in taxes.
While Proposition G continues to cause traffic in Mission Valley, Proposition E plans to remove traffic in Mission Valley. “It is the only plan that includes $50 million of infrastructure improvements to fix traffic in Mission Valley and legally limits traffic increases.”
With a two–thirds majority, proposition G will prevent the Taxpayers Protection Act from becoming a law. The San Diego Union Tribune reported “City Attorney Casey Gwinn conceded that the strategy of the rival ballot measure is confusing.” The Executive Director of the County Taxpayers Association called the measure “kind of goofy.”
While Proposition G uses sly lawyers and trickery to take taxpayers money, Proposition E plans to save taxpayers along with contributing $16 million dollars per year in property taxes to K-12 schools. The measure also plans to include SDSU into the plan by still allowing them usage of the stadium for games.
SoccerCity allows San Diegans to save money, brings sports back into the city which many San Diegans have been yearning for, and still allows SDSU usage of the stadium. When they say “Proposition E is for Everyone” they really do mean it benefits everyone.