Why San Diego weather is not what it seems

Sunsets in the San Diego County tend to look like this in the fall.

John Witschel, Patch News

Sunsets in the San Diego County tend to look like this in the fall.

Jennifer Aguilar, News Editor

  San Diego, known for its weather, is not always what it seems like. San Diegan weather tends to be more on the wacky side at times. You might think that it’s always sunny, but don’t be fooled. One day it’s gloomy and the next, the sun is scorching hot. Seasonal transitions are not the greatest either. You are often left wondering whether wearing a sweater on a fall morning is a good idea, but as soon as the clock hits 12:00 pm you regret wearing a sweater in the first place. Global warming is a possible answer to this change. 

   As we transition to fall, one has to get used to another season and the weather that comes with it. However, some people aren’t a fan of this transition. Gisselle Martinez, a Grossmont College Student says, “I feel like the weather is a bit awkward, too hot, too cold, no in between.” 

   Fall has become an all time favorite season, not only because of; Starbucks and their fall drinks, scented candles, fall outfits, apple picking fields, or the famous pumpkin patches, but because it means the holidays are around the corner; Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. Karla Mendivil-Muñoz, a sophomore majoring in criminal justice, enjoys fall because it “has such a vibe… I also like Halloween, which is an added bonus.”

   This year, fall officially begins on Sept. 22, it doesn’t automatically start once August is over. It is typically sweater weather at certain times of the day, but it may seem as if summer still continues on in the fall, despite the seasonal change.

   “I feel that it used to be cooler when I was a kid and ever since, it has been getting hotter and hotter every year,” says Rudy Sanchez, a sophomore attending Palomar College.

   According to the National Geographic, global warming is “the rise in global temperature from the mid-20th century to present,” and is mostly caused by human activity, such as burning natural gas, oil or coal. Doing such activity releases greenhouse gases into the Earth’s atmosphere which become trapped inside the atmosphere causing the temperature to rise.

   “Global warming has definitely affected the weather. I think that is why we have so many fires and droughts,” said Gisselle Martinez. Despite global warming being an issue in today’s society, many things can be done in order to slow down or reduce the destruction of the Earth due to the rise in temperature. One of these things is to commute in public transportation to reduce greenhouse gases. Voting is another option, according to Dr. Adrian Rubin in an article for Acciona, a business dedicated to providing a positive contribution to the environment, “Voting the right people into office will help pass legislation that allows us to fight against these corporations that are mainly to blame for global warming.” There are also many other actions that can be done to help global warming, all which can be researched with the click of a button. 

   “I personally think that carpooling or riding busses can incredibly help impact global warming, but others that are equally important are recycling and reducing things that you use, ” said Rudy Sanchez. Doing such things can be helpful for not only our environment, but for future generations, and may also have an impact in having smoother seasonal transitions. Even though global warming has had an effect on San Diego weather and seasonal transitions, no state or country beats the weather in SD.