Coach has high hopes for women’s water polo team

DeeDee Williams, Sports Editor

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The Mesa women’s water polo team has been working hard to win back their championship title.

“It’s been two years since we’ve won one. We’ve has a string of championships, I think 12 to date,” said head coach Jim Fegan.

So far, they have been very successful this season. With their standing record of 18-8, they are hoping to get that title back.  Like every sports team, the Lady Olympians have had their share of unexpected setbacks. Those setbacks had no way of slowing them down at all.

“We had a great run at the beginning of the season, but hit a little bit of a bump in the middle with some injuries,” stated Fegan, “but we’re trying to recover from those.”

Through the hardships and adjusting to new players, the team was still able to become co-champions of the regular season.

“Every season is almost the same but different. We have a number of new players that we have to figure out how they can work together as a team and become successful. They’re doing a great job this year.” said Fegan.

The ladies made it to the next level by advancing to the Southern California Championships for the 11th time. Only difference now is that they are ranked as the number four seed. That is the highest seed in their program history! Beating teams such as Mt. San Antonio, Ventura and Cerritos definitely worked out in their favor.

Though the success is great, the well-being of the women is what Coach Fegan focuses on.

“I want the girls to be proud and happy with the results,” said Fegan “based on how much time and effort they put in, hopefully their happy.”




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