San Diego Padres disappoint local fans

Karen Olea, Staff writer

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The San Diego Padres opening day on Monday April 4, 2016 was filled with eager fans waiting to cheer them on through a win. Instead, a score of 15-0 was how they ended their first game. It was a 27-inning scoreless game for the Padres. Not an impressive score to come back into the season with. The LA Dodgers took the win and continued to beat the Padres through out the week. Through the eventful week the Padres fans were ready to cheer them on, but were the Padres ready? Luckily, the delicious food, drinks and upbeat crowd kept the local fans faithful and ready for the next upcoming game. What is needed to break this losing streak? Let’s continue to support with our San Diego baseball hats, jerseys and spirit. This cold streak can take an uphill change within every week. There is a chance that playing against the Arizona Diamondbacks in their home field can change up the score board this weekend!

Having an uneventful evening? Come watch your local baseball team, your support might be exactly what they need to take home a win! Check for affordable tickets and their schedule! 2016-san-diego-padres-opening-day-petco-park

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