Lady Olympians tie with Desert College

Kyla Esquivel, Sports Editor

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On Oct. 9th the Lady Olympians took on Desert Community College at home. The final score was 0-0 with no over time. Through the long and tedious game, both teams were frustrated and eager to score a goal.

During the beginning of the first half of the game, the ladies were passing the ball back and forth with both of them so close making a goal but both goalies Freshman Alyssa Warner for Mesa and Freshman Marqisha Zamundio-Obtiveros for Desert. Both of them would leave their goal and get the ball. There were some moments that players could have made a goal with the goalie leaving, but the timing was hard to make right.

Later, towards the end of the first half, Mesa’s Freshman Nikki Miranda was trying to score a goal and it was a bad call by the referee and ended up getting a red card. With everyone booing and mad at the referee, Miranda was called out of the game, causing Mesa one less person on the field for their team.

The people in the stands did not stop being mad the referee then. The start of the second half all the referees were not calling fouls that were obviously made. The Lady Olympians were angry and upset that the referees were not doing anything about the fouls that were made. People in the stands say everything that was going on and started booing the referee’s calls.

People in the stands were not the only ones getting mad. Both teams on the field were getting mad at the referee in the middle of the field. There was a foul and the referee picked up the ball, and he did not say which team had the ball and said,

“I am going to pick up the ball and put it down and it is anyone’s ball.”

The ladies on both teams was angry and the coaches on both teams were telling the referee that it was not right. Sophomore Leslie Barreras was standing next to the referee when her coach was explaining to the referee how that was wrong while the girls were playing. She continued to talk to the referee while she was playing saying,

“That is unfair, you should have called that!”

Within the last 5 minutes of the game Freshman Shaden Arceo for Desert Community College tried to get the ball from Mesa’s Barreras. This fighting over the ball caused Arceo to push Barreras off the ball. The referee stepped in and yellow carded both Arceo and Barreras and also caused Arceo to exit the game.

Throughout the entire game all the girls were angry at the referee. Both teams just wanted to score a goal. With both teams kicking the ball back and forth and getting close to each of their goals, neither of them ended up getting a goal.

Continuing in the game there was a lot of fouls that should have been called. With 1:55 left in the game the Lady Olympians got a free kick that Freshman Yasmin Ortega took. The shot rebounded off the goalie and was open for someone to take. Mesa got the ball and tried to kick it in but they missed.

The Lady Olympians were disappointed and Desert was excited to get another chance. There was little time left and Desert took it to Mesa’s goal and were unsuccessful in scoring. The final score was tied 0-0.

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