From childhood game to a pro sport


Oshae Hawkins, Staff Writter

Screenshot_20210529-115047_YouTube.jpgTag the childhood game we would all play whether it’s at recess the park at a trampoline park. Now, what If I were to tell you that childhood game of ours became a professional sport. World chase tag was founded by two brothers Christian and Damien Devaux and they decided to invest in their own scaffolding to create a professional tag sport. There is only one rule: don’t get caught but that’s easier said than done. 


The game requires  six players two teams a chaser and an evader the chase last for twenty seconds if the evader avoids getting tagged in the twenty-second time frame they get the point if the chaser manages to catch the chaser within that twenty seconds spam they have to stay as an evader in total there are sixteen chases 


. A sudden death chase off is to have the 

the longest evasion within you guessed it twenty seconds. You might be thinking why would a regular game like tag be a professional sport. Well, you can consider world chase tag to be an extreme sport with having to do parkour related stuff during the chase if you were to ask one of the founders of parkour Sebastian Focuan he says it basically is a parkour sport but since we get athletes who have played football rugby martial arts gymnastics and other sports that’s why it’s called world chase tag, not world chase tag parkour. 


As for the other rules besides the tagline don’t get caught. Rule one you can only get tagged by the hand. Rule two foul play is strictly prohibited well duh because that’s cheating. If a player steps out of the quad they lose the round. Each tag is worth one point. 


Keep in mind this sport was still new when their first match was held in twenty sixteen and it’s still trying to find its audience. Within their five-year span of the sport, they have gotten teams from other countries, some from Japan and the United States got involved even one of the founding fathers of parkour, Sebastian Focuan participated in a few matches. Now keep in mind there hasn’t been a parkour related sport up until world chase tag which is one of the reasons why it’s still trying to find its audience.


To some extent, you can say world chase tag is an extreme sport like the x games with them doing certain crazy stuff and becoming a worldwide competition. Much like how the x games became popular and now one of their popular sports skateboarding is now coming to the Olympics in August. 


If you can make a comparison of how this sport is growing you can say it’s like UFC in its early days when it was young and growing its audience now it’s a big worldwide sport that people watch. Like I said earlier the same could be said for world chase tag.