Perspectives and Technology

Bijan Izadi

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When the Academy Awards came around in February, even though it was on tv, It is still possible to avoid the television yet still get all the information you need

I always avoid the tv. Yet still the tv is the place to get coverage of events.

Thankfully though, increasingly people can turn to the internet, and a lot of people are. Snapchat is said to have more than 100 million monthly users and around 6 billion video views per day sources “close to the company” say. Snapchat is notorious for being extremely secretive.

As people cut out traditional forms of consuming media, more people turn to Snapchat and Youtube and a variety of social media outlets to view what is happening in the world.

Snapchat’s location based event feature which allows anyone in attendance to add their perspective was a popular way to view the event, and anyone with a Snapchat account could watch it. This allowed people to share right from their Snapchat account.

Another option is to view what one person shares. Like through the lens of a Youtube filmmaker/filmmaker, Casey Neistat who was in attendance because he had a sponsorship from Samsung to go there and test some new devices while also making a few of his expertly cut daily videos for his Youtube subscribers.

Mr.Neistat got an all access pass to the awards, though he isn’t as famous as most of the people there and didn’t get the best seat, he never sat still. This means taking his followers from the days before and preparing for the event, to backstage while the awards were happening. And he was almost allowed to skateboard down the aisle with the 360 camera and get up on the stage during the event. Everything he saw, he could share with everyone else.

And with this new technology, he was filming everything with the prototype Samsung 360 camera in front of him. Literally giving people the perspective from where he stands. Good writing makes it easy to imagine being in a place, 360 degree cameras show what it is like if you were there.

Neither were scripted or edited in some mysterious way by some big broadcasting company with lots of people interested in imposing their interest, however Snapchat is selective about which snaps get shared by manually filtering through all of the submissions. Events only lasts so long, and so does the stream of people’s perspectives.

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