Through the mirrors, The Tragic Tantrum returns

Through the mirrors, The Tragic Tantrum returns

Album cover for the Tragic Tantrum debut album “Mirror Mirror.”

Gisela Lagos

The Tragic Tantrum has been tantalizing the senses during their recent re-emergence after a yearlong hiatus, while working on their debut album “Mirror Mirror.”

A dark cabaret band which features the enchanting vocals of Zoe Tantrum, the mesmerizing compositions of Zeph Tragic and the inspiring drumming of Darrin Lee. For The Tragic Tantrum, the true pleasure is in the performance, but calling it just a performance doesn’t do it justice. The Tragic Tantrum molds a pleasing experience of sight, sound, and touch for their audience. Their onstage performances are enhanced by the accompaniment of beautiful cabaret dancers, who will at times wield fire and hula-hoops.

Their music draws the audience in with Tantrums fun rhythmic tones, which she flawlessly transitions into operatic beauty. Tragic has an amazing amount of music knowledge, both formal and self-taught, which he pulls from to mold the eerie and hypnotic sounds in each song. Lee has only been with the band for a year but was able to jump into the band’s eclectic style to help create the debut album.

Feb. 12 will be their second performance since the album was released in January. The band Abney Park is putting together an event called “Les Voyages Extraordinaire” where The Tragic Tantrum and The Steampowered Giraffe will also perform.

This steam punk event starts at 7:00 p.m. and is open to all ages at Queen Bee’s Art & Cultural Center located on 3925 Ohio St.
The sounds and lyrics in “Mirror Mirror” are inspiring, to say the least, each song in the album is a glimpse into the mind of both Tragic and Tantrum. They worked on many of the songs together, but at times either the composition or the lyrics were laid out first. Making either the composition the inspiration for the lyrics or the lyrics the inspiration for the composition. Tragic and Tantrum inspire each other.

“The Silent” is a fun story and a favorite of Zoe Tantrum. The emotional song “Warrior” was inspired by Tantrum’s friend, who became ill shortly after the death of her husband. The song speaks to the strength people are able to demonstrate during hard times.

“Only With You” is a favorite for many fans as it showcases Tantrum’s operatic vocal range. “Solo Con Te” has been described as exotic and is intentionally styled to feel as though you’re attending a Carnival Noir.
“Excuse Me Mr” is a particularly interesting song because it highlights Tragic’s piano abilities and the lyrics were inspired by Tantrum’s hitchhiking adventures along the pacific coast.

Fans of The Tragic Tantrum gathered in costume and face paint for the CD release party on Feb. 4, where they were treated to The Tragic Tantrums new song “Harpy” and could purchase the debut CD at a “You Call It” price. Everyone who wanted the album was given the chance to get it at the price they could afford.

The haunting sounds and amazing performance was, as always, coupled by the lithesome dancers and circus-like theatrics. The world’s largest rocking horse, fire dancers, and other talented performers accompanied the event.

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