‘Skyfall’ leaves fans floating on cloud nine

Jimmy Spillane, Staff Writer

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The latest edition of the James Bond saga, “Skyfall,” leaves you craving for more. This is Daniel Craig’s third go-around since landing the iconic role following “Casino Royale” and “Quantum of Solace.” In the film we follow Bond as he comes back from a weakened state to be in the position to save his homeland of England and the world once again. The main storyline depicts the theft of a top-secret list of all MI6 agents, leaving the whereabouts and true identities of the operatives in enemy hands.

We begin the movie in full force as an operative has been shot, followed by a classic high-speed car chase through the city’s marketplace-like streets. Eventually Eve (Naiomie Harris), Bond’s sidekick, is put in a difficult position when Bond is struggling with a foe atop a speeding train. She takes a shot as “M,” head of MI6, (Judi Dench) forces her to do so. Since M lost the afore-mentioned list, a member of government hierarchy Gareth Mallory wants her to retire but she refuses until the job is done. Even though Bond fails the tests put before him, M sends him out onto the field and gives him the sole mission of reacquiring the list no matter what the stakes. Silva (Javier Bardem), a former agent of M’s, surfaces as the main antagonist opposite James Bond.

The film is directed by Sam Mendes who was also the general for the Oscar-winning film “American Beauty” so he definitely has experience with a talented cast.  As one looks upon the film as a whole it is beautifully and masterfully shot from a variety of angles, adding a scenic effect unlike any other “Bond” film. One of the more interesting settings was that of Shanghai. The scene was primarily shot in the dark but you could see neon-lighted signs in the picture– something the city is known for. In Macru, the gambling site for the film, detailed candle lighting along with decorative dragon heads make you feel like you are there in person. In retrospect the overall impression of the film doesn’t leave you shaken or stirred but craving a sequel as soon as possible.  From the opening credits you can tell you are in for a ride so you better have your seat belt ready.