Mesa College celebrates 10th annual Star Awards

San Diego Mesa Woman's Volleyball team during the 2017 Star Awards

San Diego Mesa Woman's Volleyball team during the 2017 Star Awards

Sara Ulloa

Sara Ulloa

San Diego Mesa Woman's Volleyball team during the 2017 Star Awards

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San Diego Mesa College hosted their 10th annual Star Awards acknowledging academic achievements, community spirit, and athletic excellence of Mesa College athletes on May 2. The awards captured the importance of the demanding work and dedication of all Mesa’s student-athletes on and off the field.

Kristina Carson, counselor at Mesa College, has been overseeing the event for the past nine years. This year Professor Carson had help hosting the awards. Chris Varela of the Men’s Cross Country team volunteered to co-host this year and did superb job sharing the stand. Mesa athletes Lisa Moore-Teague of Women’s Beach Volleyball treated the audience with her beautiful voice as she sung the Star-Spangled Banner, while Zach Mann of the Men’s Baseball team played the guitar.

There were many awards given out, but the most prestigious award, the Super Star Award was awarded to Women’s Soccer, Georgina Herrera. “Herrera is a 1st team All-American Scholar Athlete, is ultra-competitive, talented, and self-less” said Carson before she announced the winner. Herrera’s head coach said, “She is he most talented, hard-working player we have ever had.” Apart from the Super Star award, the “Be a Match” recognition was awarded to Anastasia Doan, Athletic Trainer at Mesa, who donated her bone marrow to save a life. “If anyone can do something simple to save a life, do it” said Doan. Doan embodies the word “self-less” and was given a huge ovation after receiving her award.

This year’s Star Awards featured a plethora of motivating speakers including, American long jumper, Olympic gold medalist, and is a six-time world champion, Brittany Reese and Mesa Sports Ambassador Garrett Eldred. Eldred emphasized that “it’s the opinions of non-student athletes that matter the most. We don’t make up the majority of students” said Eldred. “Someone is always watching, so we have to be the best we can be, on and off the field.”

Reese, the keynote speaker, had a lifetime of lessons for all the athletes at the awards. Reese emphasized that “just because you are in community college, your dreams aren’t over.” Reese had not been as serious about her athletic dreams when she was in high school and missed out on her opportunity at Ol Miss, sending her to community college for two years. She played basketball for the two years at community college, only to be let down by teammates late in the season. Reese explained that she had to make a tough decision and with the guidance of family, decided to turn her full attention to a more individualized sport, track. Reese wanted young student-athletes to know that the road to the top was a hard-fought battle that never ended. “When I turned professional, the very first meet I embarrassed myself. My first jump I tripped and fell straight on my face. The coach sitting there says ‘get up, just go down there and do it again. I ended up winning the meet in the end.” Reese acknowledged how arrogance can be the downfall of an athlete after exposed to success. “I was projected to win bronze in the Olympics one year and I took it to heart. I ended up placing 5th and missed out on the podium. I had a talk with myself and I never got left off the podium ever again.” Reese was given a commemorative lay for her speech.

President of Mesa College, Pamela Luster, made some remarks and handed out all the awards. “ It is a pleasure to support our Student-Athletes. The best way to show your support is to show up to the events” said Luster. Luster concluded the ceremony by thanking all those involved. “I want to acknowledge all the coaches, teachers, and administrators for being so involved” said Luster.





Super Star Award- Georgina Herrera

Be a Match Award- Anastasia Doan

Team Attendance Award (most avg. attendance at games)- Men’s Baseball

Highest Team GPA.

Fall                                             Spring

Women’s Volleyball                   Women’s Softball

Men’s Cross Country                  Men’s Cross Country

Perfect GPA both semesters-

  1. Bryan Moser- Men’s Swimming
  2. Mong NG- Men’s Cross Country
  3. Leah Veleker- Women’s Basketball

Team Community Spirit Award- Women’s Basketball

Individual Community Spirit Award- Leah Veleker (Women’s Basketball)

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Mesa College celebrates 10th annual Star Awards