LendIt creates profit and saves money for users


Team members from the San Diego-based company LendIt (from left) Andrew Adrian, Raynaldo Caver, Juan Ortiz-Romero, Rachel Bartlett, Dalyn Lipps, Marcus Butler and Alexander Weber

Shaina Borg, Staff Writer

Whether it’s out of necessity or for fun, sometimes we must buy items that we may not need for the long-term; leaving us with unwanted clutter, throwing out perfectly good items, or giving it away for free. That’s where LendIt comes in.

LendIt’s objective is to be a one-stop-shop that allows businesses and individuals to essentially run their own rental business on the app. What separates LendIt from similar marketplace apps is LendIt users are able to lend out their items multiple times, allowing the lender to profit each time it’s lent out. In addition to making cash, users also save by renting items. Often, there’s a temporary need for items such as: textbooks, calculators, camping gear, sporting goods, tools, furniture, etc., all of which are able to be lent out on the app.

While on vacation, CEO and Founder, Andrew Adrian became frustrated while trying to find equipment to rent. Adrian searched countless sites to find the best price to rent a kayak and snorkel gear and eventually borrowed them from a neighbor. This experience gave Adrian the idea of LendIt: an app that allows individuals or businesses to post items they have available to “lend” for up to a week and make a profit.   

“This could be the next Uber, this could be the next big thing that is a common place for everybody,” said LendIt’s Director of Marketing and Mesa College alumnus, Juan Ortiz-Romero.

LendIt is straightforward and intuitive, but Ortiz-Romero gave an example of future possibilities. “Think of anything that would be a short-term need, but you would end up buying. So for example, a GoPro Camera, they’re not just for renting them out, but let’s say that you do eventually want to buy an action cam and want to test out a Sony alternative versus a GoPro, now you can rent them both and see which one you like best.” Ortiz-Romero also mentions, “We’re looking forward to seeing people using it for parking spots as well.”

Currently, LendIt is available to download for free as an app for Apple and Android; however, the desktop version in in the works for completion. To check out the app, search for LendItNow on Google Play or the App Store.