Surf and Soul: A Food Review


Matthew Martinez, staff writer

Nestled on El Cajon Blvd between 72nd and Harbison, Surf and Soul has created an unorthodox approach to two traditional cuisines Seafood and Soul Food. Throughout the week they’re menu is ever-changing; on Sunday, Friday, and Saturday they have what it is called “Soul Days” on these specific days they’re menu consists of Soul Food dishes and sides such as Red Beans and Rice, Pulled Pork, Fried Chicken and Okra and other traditional dishes every member of the family can enjoy. The rest of the days are catered to what they call “Surf Days” when the menu again is altered to combine both soul and seafood to create unforgettable dishes that you could only find at Surf and Soul and would make you come back for more.
I stopped by Surf and Soul on Tuesday. The menu itself on a surf day was simplistic and complex in its own right; they offered you six choices to choose from. Each dish on the menu from its description embodied the Surf and Soul identity. The dish that I gravitated towards on the menu was the Southwest Dirty smothered fries with blackened fried shrimp. Looking at first glance I was little bit intimidated due to the fact that description of the dish was very detailed, at the end I wasn’t disappointed. The fries were loaded with flavor in each bite, every French fry contained hints of gravy and the different cheeses that are melted on top. The blackened shrimp complemented the dish itself without being too overwhelming, each shrimp was breaded with a golden appearance that is pleasing to the eye and also your taste buds. Another item I tried on the menu was the Crab Salad and Shrimp Roll. You can tell the different components of the blackened shrimp and crab salad dishes were carefully thought out. Starting with the bread type for the roll, it didn’t get soggy at any point while I was eating it. Every bite had a blend of crab salad, crunchy romaine lettuce, and a soft bread. Preferably, I would’ve liked a more tangy taste coming from the sandwich but it was still an experience in itself. In between bites I was met with the blackened shrimp, an additional flavor to the crab salad that made it all come together. Served with seasoned fries it was a great balance between surf and soul.
Complemented by traditional sides and their own blend of lemonade, Surf and Soul’s unique cuisine creates an experience for San Diego residents to enjoy.