The Milwaukee Cannibal


Evan Peters as Jeffrey Dahmer in “Dahmer”

Felipe Guardado, Staff Writer

      You’ve seen the Jeffrey Dahmer series, it’s everywhere from tiktok to Instagram to the biggest Media headlines. “Dahmer-Monster:” The Jeffrey Dahmer story series on Netflix has taken over the world this month. Just in time for Halloween, Netflix released the TV drama series about one of America’s most notorious Serial Killers, Jeffrey Dahmer.

       Netflix released “Dahmer-Monster,” This past September 2022, Ever since the release it has been a big success for the big movie streaming company. It topped the Netflix English TV Top 10 list for the third week in a row, with 205 millions hours viewed from Oct 3-Oct 9. This means this series is now Netflix’s second most popular English-Language series.

      Director Ryan Murphy scored a big one with this series. Ryans Murphy is also no stranger to making big films about horror. Murphy directed another big series you might have heard of called “American Horror Story.”Ryan Murphy is known salacious style in his work. According to Apple TV, He has often been cited as “the most powerful man” in modern television, including having signed the largest development deal in television history with Netflix. Murphy is noted for having created a shift in inclusive storytelling that “brought marginalized characters to the masses”.

      “Dahmer-Monster”reveals the life of the “The Milwaukee Monster’’ better known as Jeffrey Dahmer. Jeffrey Dahmer was a serial killer who did most of his killings in the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin from the years 1978-1991. In his lifetime Dahmer killed and ate about 17 different men. Dahmer would take people back to his place and tell them if he can take pictures of them in exchange for money. After taking pictures of them, Dahmer would kill them and save their body parts in his apartment and eat their human flesh. This is where his nickname “The Milwaukee Cannibal” came from.