Snooze makes breakfast worth waking up at first alarm for


The mix and match eggs Benedict lets you diversify your breakfast meal at Snooze. Featured here is a traditional-style Ham Benedict III with smoked cheddar hollandaise sauce [left] and the Bella! Bella! Benny with prociutto, arugala and balsamic glaze [right]. Photo by Lauren J. Mapp

Lauren J. Mapp, Editor-in-Chief

In a world where brunch options are as readily available as condoms from an RA in a dormitory, San Diego is home to many a spot worth stopping in on a weekend morning – or afternoon as the case may be.

One such spot, Snooze – located in Hillcrest at 3940 Fifth Ave. – has been a smash hit ever since it opened, and is certain to take the pancake as one of the best brunches in the city.  Though there is often a wait for a table during prime dining hours, one will not regret the decision to check this spot out.

Highlighted with vintage-style 70s décor and high vaulted ceilings, the restaurant has a feeling of openness with an atmosphere that is perfect for recovering from a late night.

After a long week of dealing with the stresses of school and work, one of the best ways to recover is by sipping on a tasty adult beverage. Snooze’s cocktail list is plentiful, and each option is sure to brighten your day.

A combination of watermelon juice, St. Germaine elderflower liquor and champagne make the watermelon cooler a bright pink substitute for the classic mimosa. Craft brews are on tap for those who like to preface their breakfast with a healthy serving of hops.

One cannot live on breakfast drinks alone, and so for your other nutrition needs Snooze is happy to oblige with a diverse menu with everything from French toast to BLTs.

Due to its proximity to Mexico, San Diego has a multitude of places to grab authentic Mexican or south of the border-inspired foods. If you’re at Snooze and craving salsa and black beans, then try the huevos ranchero. Three eggs in your preferred style, corn or flour tortillas, black beans, avocado and pico di gallo are combined in this dish, and it passes as a healthy and balanced yet filling meal.

Aside from classic flavors like plain buttermilk, blueberry and chocolate chip, there is an ever evolving pancake selection to choose from – including a special pancake that changes daily.

For a pancake that is Snooze tested and Elvis Presley approved, go for the Graceland. The King would have loved this hunk a hunk a burning love, which is embedded with soft banana slices, slathered with a creamy peanut butter sauce and garnished with bacon.

Is it a potential heart attack waiting to happen? Quite possibly. Should that deter you from ordering it? Absolutely not.

If that doesn’t do it for you, you’ll definitely feel your temperature rising after devouring this bad boy: the sweet potato pancake. Topped with chopped pecans, caramel and ginger butter, it brings a great Southern staple to the breakfast table.

Next up: it’s a pancake! Nope. It’s a donut? Not really, it’s actually an insane fusion of the two. The “Coffee and Donuts” starts with a traditional buttermilk pancake batter, then it’s drizzled with a maple syrup glaze, paired with a shot of espresso cream and pecans, completed with a cutout in the middle to continue the illusion.

When you are inevitably unable to choose between their tempting, pancake vixens, then you can pick the three that sound most appealing to you for a pancake flight. Meal customization is highly encouraged at Snooze – the pancake trio is one great example of this, but another is the mix and match eggs benedict.

The Bella! Bella! Benny has a little Italian oomph with its balsamic glaze, arugula and prosciutto atop slices of ciabatta bread. A cream cheese hollandaise finishes the benedict, and the combination of sweet-tart glaze, fresh greens and rich sauce may inspire you to jump up and do your happy dance to the tunes streaming through the restaurant.

Even the classic Benedict with ham and poached egg has a special twist to make it uniquely snoozetastic. It’s topped with a smoked cheddar hollandaise that will bring you to tears as you lap up the last drop like a cat drinking cream from a saucer.

Breakfast sandwiches are usually just a flavorless way to scarf down breakfast in a few easy bites, at least that is what fast food joints like McDonald’s have led consumers to believe.

Snooze’s retaliation to this is to serve theirs on a pretzel bun with eggs, sausage patty, cheddar cheese, a side of smoked cheddar hollandaise sauce and a hash brown. Don’t like breakfast sausage? This sandwich tastes even better with bacon.

Since every group of brunch goers has that one friend or picky great aunt that doesn’t like breakfast fare, there are lunch options available for the less egg and sausage-inclined. Whether you go for one of the breakfast items or a burger, Snooze is sure not to disappoint you.