Downtown San Diego welcomes Bang, Bang

Stephanie Flores, Staff Writer

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San Diego has gained a reputation for exquisite foods and ambience. Over the years the heart of San Diego, downtown, has been the home to hundreds of restaurants, bars and clubs. In the summer of 2013, the architect, designer, and owner of Little Italy’s El Camino, Mauricio Coutier, joined forces with the Co- founder of LED presents and Voyeur nightclub, Johnny Shockey, to introduce the trendiest Japanese pop-culture restaurant, Bang, Bang.


From the moment I was welcomed into Bang, Bang, located in the old historic building that was once The Witherby on Market street, you are transported into another world. After walking up the white tiled staircase I was greeted by their friendly hostess and had the option of sitting at either the bar or dining area.


The rooms are designed beautifully. The large projector at the bar drew me in and suddenly I found myself underneath large Japanese lanterns that decorated the ceiling. The full bar offered a variety of beers, cocktails, sake, and their infamous punch bowls. The dining area was adorned with bamboo, giving the space a Zen-like atmosphere. The kitchen offered a variety of Asian cuisine, from Miso soup to Chinese Chicken Salad and of course, fresh sushi. The menu showed creativity with their appetizers and sushi rolls. I recommend the Ahi poke and ice cream salad, which is made using yellowfin or bigeye tuna. The term poke (pronounced Poh-kei) is the way the fish is sliced or cut into pieces. Who would have thought ice cream and fish would go so well together?


Bang, Bang also offers a Tuesday special happy hour if you feel like ditching the regular Taco Tuesday for something new. From 5 p.m. to 1 a.m. you can enjoy half-off appetizers, like their edamame, fried rice, dumplings, and several of their sushi rolls, not to mention half off their beer pitchers, cold and hot sake and punch bowls.


After 10:30 p.m., Thursday thru Saturday, come and enjoy live music from various deejays in their dance room. The lounge is the home to the largest disco ball west of the Mississippi.


Need a restroom break? No problem, the kaleidoscopic restrooms are sure to entertain you. Each stall is wallpapered with its’ own theme from psychedelic flowers, fortune cookies, Harajuku girls, the Japanese icon Hello-Kitty to their most talked about Ryan Gosling stall.


So next time you’re in need of a little fun getaway with great food and music, checkout downtown’s newest Asian-fusion restaurant and lounge Bang, Bang.


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