Customers rave over fresh food provided at Sushi Kuchi


The spicy jalapeno roll on the left and the california roll on the right at Sushi Kuchi.

Linda Nguyen, Staff Writer

If a 50% off sale isn’t enough of a reason for sushi, I don’t know what to tell ya!

According to returning customer Olivia Lee, “Sushi Kuchi is the best sushi joint I’ve ever been to. I would recommend the volcano roll. They literally set your food on fire before you! It’s great!”

The restaurant gets pretty packed due to the high demand, but even seated at the sushi bar, the service is great. Upon entering, you will be greeted by friendly staff members and handed a menu with a large selection of japanese appetizers, sushi rolls, and noodle dishes. Samples are available upon request, and the chefs behind the counter are readily available for questions and comments on your order.

The Spicy Stuffed Jalapeno roll featured fresh tuna fish marinated in a rich, sweet sauce on a bed of avocado and fresh cucumber slices. The hand rolls are wrapped in fresh sushi wraps and placed pristinely on a small dish. Alongside it, the California Roll offers the traditional crab paste recipe with steamed jasmine white rice and a bed of fresh cucumbers and lettuce.

When asked what a customer favorite was, head sushi chef Chris stated, “Everyone loves the Star Wars Roll. It is a spicy, crunchy roll– very salty, and packed with flavor!”

Kris Wilson, a regular at Sushi Kuchi stated, “The Star Wars Roll is actually my favorite sushi roll of all time. It’s like biting into eel and siricha covered heaven.”

Besides the fresh food selection available, Sushi Kuchi is renowned for their one dollar Sake bombs. Yes, you heard it right, one dollar and one dollar only.

Perhaps the best part about Sushi Kuchi is their birthday celebration. For each customer’s birthday, the chefs, topped with crazy birthday afros, halt everything to celebrate. They dim out the lights, turn on a bright flashing strobe light, and put a party hat on the birthday prince/princess. This is accompanied with loud dance music and workers banging on tambourines and screaming “Happy, happy birthday!” One thing’s for sure, all eyes will be on you for your very special day.

Great prices, fresh food, and great customer service are available at Sushi Kuchi. So if you’re looking for a great place for dinner this Summer, Sushi Kuchi is the spot for you!