KC’s Reading Korner

New takes on traditional literary genres

KC Longley, Staff Writer

What is it with human beings that we stick to the things we know? Sometimes it’s hard for us to break out of our comfort zone, in any situation. However, speaking as someone who occasionally prefers the company of books over people, no one would know you haven’t broken out of your comfort zone if you stuck to the same genre, now would they? Which is why it is always great to know what genres are most popular right now and if your favorites have made a come back once again!

For those die hard fans of Harry Potter, who can’t get enough of a mystical world filled with magical families and secret prophecies, Paula Brackston’s The Midnight Witch is right up your alley. Instead of a chosen one, however, the main character Lilith is a young woman who has to take over as head witch of her family’s coven, taking the spot of her late father. Insert a forbidden love interest that Lilith just can’t ignore and an internal fight on where her loyalties lie officially begins.

Although this would relate to a film instead of a novel, the beloved 1985 film The Breakfast Club has a predecessor that goes by the name of Seven Ways We Lie, which is written by Riley Redgate. This contemporary novel follows seven high school students whose lives suddenly collide and impact each other’s from then on. The interesting take that Redgate inserts is that the seven different points of view the reader follows all represent one of the seven deadly sins in their own right.

For those who love the cult classic appeal of Chuck Palahnuik’s The Fight Club, then The Beach by Alex Garland is a close runner up. The twisted storylines follow Richard, a selfish and flawed character who discovers an island in a Thai national park. The storyline follows Richard as his desire to keep hold of his good behavior slowly starts to dissolve, finding it difficult to maintain his role as a team player in the end.

Lastly, for people who stick to classical novels, The Steep and Thorny Way by Cat Winters is a reimagining of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet. The story follows Hanalee Denney, the daughter of a white woman and African-American man. The Klu Klux Klan has instilled hatred onto everyone in Hanalee’s life, making it hard for her to create a full life of her own. Eventually, the story takes readers into a twisted mystery of what truly killed her father Hank. Was it a car accident or did the doctor who took care of Hank, who happens to now be Hanalee’s stepfather, actually poison him in light of his own selfish reason?

These are only a choice few of returning genres that have staked their claim on the “Most Popular” bookshelves in bookstores across the country. Take solace in your preferred genre, curl up with a new book and just see where your favorite worlds take you!