Original series’ to look out for


Photo Credit: Instagram.com/hulu

Rebecca Henshaw, Staff Writer/Photographer

Hulu: The Path, season 2

Previously seen on ‘Breaking Bad,’ Aaron Paul is now starring as one of the main characters on the show, ‘The Path,’ an original Hulu series streaming its Season 2. For those who have not seen its first season ‘The Path’ is about a “movement” that is loosely based around scientology. Called the Meyerism movement, the cult believes in helping one another through the elusive “light” in order to get into their version of heaven, “the garden.” Everything seems in goodwill at first, but ‘The Path’ focuses on what happens when Aaron Paul’s character no longer believes in the light. ‘The Path’ explores the dynamics of a family with a non believer and a cult that is being led by merely a power hungry man rather than a god. ‘The Path’ keeps its characters, as well as the viewers, second guessing whether or not their faith itself is real, or just made up.

HBO GO: The Leftovers

Living up to the expectations of the book, ‘The Leftovers’ is a show that focuses on the aftermath of a random “departure,” where one day all over the world 2% of the population suddenly vanished. People debate whether or not it was god, science, or just a random occurrence, but what about the people who stayed? This show explores what happens to a small town community when some of its members have disappeared leaving some mothers childless and some bedrooms empty. The small town the show takes place in shows some characters dealing with the missing, some dealing with the accident, and some exploring the unknown of an already confusing situation.

Netflix: The OA

For those who enjoyed the narrative of recent “Stranger Things,” this show will be easily enjoyed. Featuring a bit more mature characters this show is a constant surprise. The story starts with a woman who has been missing for several years returning home no longer blind or the same. Instead of calling herself by her adopted name when asked who she is she replies, “I’m the OA.” You begin to learn more about the OA as she tells her story to an unlikely bunch of high school outcasts and a teacher, asking them every night to join her after leaving their front door open. The story she tells them is a vivid and adventurous journey keeping the viewer as curious as the people she is telling her story to. The further you get into the story the less things seem to make sense as you begin to learn more about her.