‘Get Out’: Thriller of the year


Johnaysha Davis-Escalera, Staff Writer

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Jordan Peele’s “Get Out” is your meet-the-parents film with an uneasy twist. Typically it’s exciting when a relationship reaches the stage of meeting each other’s parents. This was not the case for this particular interracial couple. As Chris Washington (Daniel Kaluuya) prepares to meet his girlfriend Rose Armitage’s (Allison Williams) parents, he’s nervous about the fact that she’s white and he’s black. Rose assures him that her parents don’t know that he is black nor that it will be a problem. After arriving to the Armitage’s estate it soon becomes apparent to Chris that Rose’s parents knew, in fact the whole town knew. Nevertheless Rose was telling the truth about his race not being a problem, well for everyone except Chris as he realizes that Rose’s hometown was known for welcoming black people with open arms. However, it was also well known for keeping them so close that they mysteriously seem to never leave.

The film Get Out takes the “get out of town“ saying to a whole new level, as it takes place in a suburban town that seems to be populated by rich liberals with an unsettling interest in African Americans. The film is a suspenseful, thrilling roller coaster ride intertwined with social critiques.

Although the film’s cast was not filled with Hollywood’s elites, the rising actors didn’t fail to deliver amazing performances. Daniel Kaluuya did a tremendous job of acting as someone who can remain sane during very uncomfortable circumstances. His sly smile and shrug-it-off demeanor made you feel as if you were overreacting to the stereotypical statements he was forced to endure. But when his character switched from being the “cool guy” to being filled with rage, the depth in his voice touches your soul. His performance will have you sitting on the edge of your seat throughout the entire film.

Even though the film focuses on a very serious situation, it also won’t fail to make you laugh as comedic character Rod Williams (LilRel Howery) makes light of the frightening circumstances. Howery’s humorous acting performance did a great job of making his character the only one you wouldn’t have to either avoid or resist the urge to slap, if encountered in real life. He’s definitely the best friend everyone needs if they were to suspiciously disappear.

Comedian Jordan Peele released his director’s debut film on Feb. 23. During the film’s first weekend in theatres, it managed to lock in the number one spot in box offices around the nation. The film also brought in around $30 million dollars during its first few days, making the film profitable considering its $4.5 million budget. To add to the films achievements, Peele’s creative writing and directing abilities earned his film a 99% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. What more reason do you need to “get out” and go see it? You won’t regret the decision. When a film results in you sitting in an auditorium full of people applauding at the closing credits, it’s near impossible to not recommend.

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