“Alien: Covenant,” the prequel fans have been waiting for



The cast from the film, Alien: Covenant (20th Century Fox, MCT Campus).

Chris Anthony, News Editor

Sequels, prequels, remakes, and reboots have been taking over the box office for quite some time now. Many recycled blockbuster ideas from Hollywood’s lackluster of imagination are quickly forgotten or lost in translation from the original, however, “Alien: Covenant,” is a

film that offers much more than the five before it, making it one of the better installments of the franchise.

Set just 10 years after “Prometheus,” this movie follows space travelers who have left Earth in search of a more habitable planet, carrying with them the lives of many other Earthlings in hypersleep.

Covenant features aspects of the franchise that fans have always loved, but also takes liberties that set it apart from the rest. For example, most of this film doesn’t take place in outer space, but instead on a distant planet, discovered when they trace an unknown radio transmission to its source.

The main stars of the film were Michael Fassbender, Katherine Waterston, and Danny McBride, and  much like the other films, this one also features a strong female lead, played by Waterston. Fassbender gives a very convincing performance as two different “synthetics,” returning to the role of David from “Prometheus,” and as a new character named Walter, an improved version of David. McBride’s performance as Tennessee suits him very well as the comic relief at times, although his role is definitely more serious this time around, unlike McBride’s past projects like “Pineapple Express,” and “This Is The End.” James Franco, who worked with McBride on those two films, even makes a small appearance in the beginning, making a nice surprise for fans of the comedians.

One thing for sure: this film serves as more of a sequel to “Prometheus” than a prequel to the original “Alien” movies, though that’s definitely not a bad thing. Much like “Prometheus,” the central themes of this film are much deeper than the others in that it touches on the ideas of creation, extinction, evolution, and colonization. That being said, do not watch Covenant without first seeing “Prometheus”, since the plot relies heavily on the events that occurred in that film and will easily confuse those who haven’t seen it yet.

It goes without saying that the film is still horror/sci-fi like the others, but leans more on sci-fi this time around, at least in the first half. The second half of the film is rich with suspense, which makes the first half of the film easier to digest if one was not a fan of “Prometheus.”

Despite rumors and speculation, Ellen Ripley does not make an appearance in the film, but there is still a chance she will return eventually in the next sequel. In an interview with “The Sydney Morning Herald,” director Ridley Scott said, “If you really want a franchise, I can keep cranking it for another six… I’m not going to close it down again. No way.”

  For those familiar with the franchise, the ending was nothing unexpected, since this film is set between the timelines of “Prometheus” and “Alien,” although, *spoiler alert* this cliffhanger ending was much more about impending doom than about hope. Also, don’t bother staying after the credits for a sneak peak of the next movie, because unlike most of today’s superhero movies, this one will actually leave you satisfied.