‘Every Day’ shows audience that love has no boundaries

‘Every Day’ shows audience that love has no boundaries

Delaney Schafnitz, Staff Writer

Rhiannon’s life takes an unexpected turn when she meets “A”, a 16 year old soul who switches bodies every day. This teen romance is based on the book “Every Day” by David Levithan and captured the feelings one gets while reading the book very well. While the movie was a little cheesy, the story was well-written and the acting was great.

The story starts out with A inhabiting Rhiannon’s boyfriend, Justin, for one day. During that day, Rhiannon and “Justin” spend an out-of-the-ordinary, but amazing day together. Come the next day, Justin doesn’t remember a thing. That was because Justin was actually A for those 24 hours. While A usually tries to keep its personality and feelings hidden, so it does not affect the life of the person it is inhibiting that day, A feels this sense of closeness with Rhiannon. Having never felt this before, A decides to tell Rhiannon of the incredible thing that happens every day.

While extremely hesitant at first, Rhiannon decides to give A a chance to prove that this is real. After a little convincing, Rhiannon realizes that this is not a joke and eventually believes A. The two grow closer each day, but each day A looks like a new person, making their relationship a tricky one. An unexpected twist occurs when A happens to wake up one day in Rhiannon’s body, allowing Rhiannon to experience what A has to go through. This brings the two even closer together.

There was almost a sense of realness to the film, because it’s trueyou can’t choose who you fall in love with, no matter the circumstances. “Every Day” has a theme that sets a good example to the younger audience this movie is intended for: it’s about what is on the inside that matters, not the way one looks.