Isle of dogs is an isle of entertainment.


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The pack of protagonists.

Dennis Lopez, Staff writer

Acclaimed director, Wes Anderson returns to the silver screen after a four-year absence with, “Isle of Dogs.” “Isle of Dogs” details the tale of a boy searching for his dog after a disease outbreak leads to all dogs being quarantined on an island of garbage.

On purely visuals alone, “Isle of Dogs” sets itself apart from the rest of the pack.The entire film is shot using stop-motion in a time where films live and die by their use of CGI (computer-generated imagery). The film score is masterfully done, enriching the visuals, and further solidifying the rich atmosphere.

While it features breathtaking visuals and a score that perfectly complements these visuals, it’s not a facade. It takes time to develop the leads, in spite of the supporting characters getting ample screen time, they feel underdeveloped. Its narrative features something for everyone— robots, romance, comedy, conspiracy, and most importantly, dogs.

In a time where reboots, sequels, and superhero movies have theaters in a chokehold, “Isle of Dogs” serves as refreshing alternative.

“Isle of Dogs” had a limited US release March 23. Its nationwide release is set for April 13.