Did someone say sushi?

Karina Bazarte, Staff writer

Sushi Diner is located right near Mesa College. This restaurant is one of San Diego’s best sushi places. With amazing prices and great service, you will want to include this restaurant in your daily plans.

Sushi Diner is a small restaurant inspired by Jamaica, rasta, and surf. The walls are decorated with Bob Marley’s pictures and legendary quotes. The service is very friendly, staff members receive guests with a warm welcome. The sushi rolls are made fresh and they are also prepared right in front of guests.

Sushi Diner doesn’t only have sushi rolls they also have other tasty dishes such as flavored sashimi, nigiri, teriyaki chicken, fried and white rice, and fresh salads. The happy hour features a diverse range of alcoholic drinks like the tasty sake, wonderful wine, and beer.

The owner Daisuke said “the reason I named my restaurant Sushi Diner was because a diner represents a family atmosphere.” Sushi diner is located at 7530 Mesa College Dr. and also at 10330 Friars Rd. Come and taste the real wonders of sushi.