Paranormal Oddities with Nicole Strickland

Kellie Summers, Staff Writer

Well-established paranormal investigator, Nicole Strickland, serves the community with her on going research and real-life investigations. Strickland has been featured on television shows, such as the Travel Channel Ghost Stories. She is the original founder of the San Diego Paranormal Research Society and an established author of six books, which include her most significant books of, “San Diego Most Haunted”, which touches on the history of San Diego and paranormal phenomena in 25 locations in San Diego, “Spirited Queen Mary: Her Haunted Legend”, and “The Haunted Queen of the Seas: The Living Legend of the RMS Queen Mary”. She is also a correspondent and contributor to the Paranormal Underground Magazine, which covers various topics of the supernatural and paranormal field.

Nicole Strickland is arguably one of Southern California most recognizable paranormal investigator. Her most significant accomplishment is her team, San Diego Paranormal Research Society, “seeing its growth throughout the years, we are a very well-respected team in San Diego” Strickland said.With over 20 years of paranormal studies and written text to prove her life’s work, she sits down and delves deep into her motive behind the muse.

Around the age of five, Strickland explains how she would have odd experiences that she could not explain and would start to experience ghostly encounters and interactions. The time leading up into her college years, she felt a desire to learn about the paranormal world. Specifically, ghost and hauntings to try to discover more of what is out there.

One profound experience was during her college years. She recalls receiving a phone call from her grandmother the day before she passed due to congestive heart failure. Her grandmother had called to check to see if she is ok, “I figured out she called all the family members one last round to make sure everyone was ok” Strickland said.

She felt a strange feeling about the unexpected phone call. The next morning, she received another phone call, but this time from her mother calling to let her know that her grandmother passed away.

After her grandmother’s funeral services, Strickland began having weird experiences in her apartment. “The first thing I noticed the door knobs would rattle by themselves, I tested them to make sure it wasn’t my neighbors… what’s interesting, is my grandmother used to go around and check the doors to make sure they were locked” Strickland explains.

A couple of days later, she was on her bed studying for class and she felt a disembodied hand touch her face. That’s when she felt the presence of her grandmother. Days later, Strickland would have another interaction with her grandmother’s spirit, she believed she came to her in an aberrational sighting.

That’s when she realized that her grandmother was still here. Strickland realized that giving peace to her grandmother to help assure everything was going to be ok was needed in order for her to move on. This experience was profound beyond measures for Strickland, which in fact, motivated her towards her paranormal investigative studies.

Her extensive knowledge of the paranormal comes from over 20 years of experience working with various paranormal teams until 2009. Strickland founded her own paranormal research team known as San Diego Paranormal Research Society. “We are a very professional team, we don’t classify ourselves as ghost hunters, we are into the research and are very protocol driven” Strickland explains.

Given her fascination with spirits, Strickland came to realize that proving that ghosts exist was beyond the extent of her purpose in research. Strickland said her purpose is understanding the types of spirits she would come to learn, through the years of her experiences, “there is a difference between a ghost and a spirit, we think that a ghost is more of an earth-bound energy that maybe has some sort of unfinished business and are choosing to remain on this plane and spirits are more thought of energies that have moved on and choose to come back here at free will.”

Strickland conducts her research on a volunteer basis with no charge because she feels it is unethical to charge for something she cannot prove.  She has done several investigations with her team in san Diego; Some of which include investigations of the Star of India, The Avo Playhouse, Davis-Horton houses and several cases for private residence. She personally has done a number of research and investigations on Queen Mary in Long Beach, California.

In some cases, people have more personal experiences where they see humanoid shadow forms, aberrational sightings, or someone is touched. “In my experience audio is the most prolific data that she can grasp, like electronic voice phenomena (EVP), audio voice phenomena or instrumental trans-communication (ITC)” Strickland explains.

Today she continues ongoing research of the paranormal. You can catch Strickland giving paranormal tours at The Rancho Buena Vista Adobe, in Vista California. Two investigations are held on each evening at 7:00 pm or 9:30 pm, below are some future dates that she will be conducting investigations with her team along with paranormal tours.