French Club hosts Halloween event


Samantha Festin

French Professor Uriel Ornelas prepares cultural presentation.

Samantha Festin, Staff Writer

French Professor Uriel Ornelas planned a Halloween event called “Une Nuit d’Octobre” meaning “an October night” this year with the French Club and Honors Club at San Diego Mesa College, featuring a French film with English subtitles for guests to enjoy. The film was called “See You Up There” (“Au Revoir Lá-Haut”).

The event took place on Oct. 19 from 4-7:30 p.m. French pastries and popcorn were handed out as snacks for the audience to munch on while watching the scary movie. Halloween-themed music played as people socialized and waited for the film to show.

A costume contest was held where students, children, and adults could dress up for the chance to win prizes.

The winner was based on the sound of the applause for each participant and the man who won was dressed up as the Mad Hatter.

Participants acted out their costume characters before the audience decided who would win the prize for the best costume.

A mummy wrapping contest set off the event as participants used toilet paper to wrap the “mummy” as fast as they could. Pairs included one person to act as the mummy and get wrapped up with toilet paper while the other would do the wrapping.

Some mummies stood still while others spun around to make the process quicker.

Ornelas provided a Kahoot presentation introducing horror films with French origins. Kahoot, a game involving multiple-choice quizzes, acted as a learning platform for the audience members.

The French program prepared a cultural presentation featuring a slideshow containing historical information and French terms.

Students presented this slideshow as the audience members sat and listened and it provided an educational experience and ended with a video that taught the audience how to pronounce certain phrases.