Don’t Stress, Just Float



Sensory Deprivation tanks are the latest trend for people who are looking to “quiet” their mind and submerge themselves for a deep relaxation float session.

Kellie Summers, Staff Writer

Sensory deprivation tanks or ‘float spas’ are a new trend for people looking to de-stress and take their mind off for a day. There are a total of five float spas throughout the city of San Diego.

Situated on Newport Avenue in Ocean Beach is a local float spa – Reset Mind and Body. The location is perfect for providing you with the cozy “spa” feeling you desire when you take a special day off for yourself. Its hospitable nature makes it easy to subdue in settling in with comfort and ease.

This can be helpful when trying to surrender into a tranquil state, especially if you are a bit hesitant to try something for the first time in complete darkness.

Owner Derrick Shepard said the actual float room has a tank measuring 4 ft wide x 8 ft long x 7 ft tall, plenty of space to lie all the way out and rest. There is a shower provided with toiletries, where it is required for you to take a quick rinse before and after for sanitizing purposes.

The water is filled up to 12 inches of heavy concentrated salt water, and because of the heavy density with Epsom salt-eliminates the potential to accidentally have your head sink all the way into the water. At the same rate, making it easy to lie down and float without having to hassle with adjusting.

The float tank blocks out all five senses, letting you to fully submerge yourself to being present and ultimately, relaxed without any distractions. The weightlessness that experienced during a float session helps to assure the mind and body to rest and fully reset.  

“After spending the next 60 minutes of floating, you leave feeling recharged with new energy and relaxation” said Shepard.

For first time floaters, expect to be secluded in a tank with water that is temperature-regulated almost equivalent to the floater’s body anywhere between 94-95 degrees. The tank is also soundproof and lightproof. You have the choice to float for 60 minutes or go for the full 90 minutes.

Sensory deprivation tanks have been used as a type of therapy for PTSD and to help aid as a reduction to anxiety. Studies found that the effects caused cortisol levels to show a significant decrease that helped align and set the immunity and hormonal systems to a complete balance.

Other benefits to floating, shows that it improves sleep and helps to mentally de-stress. Due to the brain to downshift from Alpha waves into Theta. Studies have found that Theta brain waves are active during deep meditation and light sleep.The most retrievable benefit is the magnesium absorption from the Epsom salt.

The magnesium is what helps to relax your muscles. Due to the tense muscles, we retrieve from continually being stressed and anxious. Its physical benefits from floating provide release of muscle tension and pain relief.

Magnesium is also responsible for 300 biochemical reactions in the body including, detoxification and hormonal balance. It is a natural antimicrobial and antibacterial, helping to keep the skin clean and free of irritations.

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