Bargain holiday shopping


Barbara Prevost-Nedd, Staff Writer/Social Media Editor

You can save bundles shopping for the holidays at your local thrift stores and more importantly, your dollars will provide job training and employment for some of your fellow citizens.  Shopping at thrift stores is likewise an opportunity to care for the environment, recycling your purchases.


The Christmas holiday shopping season is upon us and shoppers, who want to bargain hunt, can shop at local discount stores.  But why?


Instead, hunt for cool gifts at your local thrift stores.  Yes, your local thrift stores, where you can get high quality, sometimes new, or gently used goods for-a-bargain!  


There are many thrift stores located in the City of San Diego.  And depending on where you live, there is likely one or more stores near you.


Amvets (American Veterans) thrift stores, serves veterans and has multiple locations in San Diego.


Graciela Martinez, Supervisor at the Mission Hills location, said that the government gives Vets housing, which are not furnished.  Vets can then obtain vouchers to shop at Amvets, allowing them to furnish their new homes for free.


Shoppers at this location can shop at the traditional thrift store which has items such as  clothing, books, and household good, as well as the nearby Amvets furniture store, located across the street.


At the furniture store, the old cliche that one man’s junk is another man’s treasure, likely applies here, because many of the items for sale were still in good condition and could easily last for many, many years.


Surprisingly however, there were a number of brand new, top of the line items available for sale, like a Frigidaire gas barbecue grill.  


Many people would likely not be displeased to be the recipient of this item for Christmas.  Unfortunately though, the grill was already sold. Seems like someone scored!


Thrift stores offer bargains on most purchases, but there is also the thrill-of-the-hunt, the fact that you just may find a thing or two, probably more, which are totally useful and at fantastic bargains.


Also available for sale at Amvet furniture store were brand new woven patio sofas, the kind which would easily sell for hundreds of dollars retail, as well as a brand new gigantic dining room table that probably seats about 12, but did not come with chairs, priced at just $199.  


Amvets thrift store across the street had equally nice products worthy of giving as Christmas gifts.  


At the front entrance of the store, was an entire round of new clothing, at thrift store prices!  A Calvin Klein pant suit, with a MSRP of $89, priced under $25.


Goodwill Industries, which provides employment and job training to people with disabilities and other barriers to entry, has locations throughout the city and is another great thrift store.


Clothing on racks for sale at Goodwill stores are color coded, making it easy to locate items for purchase.  


During a recent trip to the Sports Arena location, there was an entire round of little black dresses, just in time to bring in the new year, cheap!  Most dresses on this rack, some with designer labels, were under $15.


There were also other holiday related gifts including a brand new fondue pot for $24.99, a new digital picture frame for $7.99, a set of books for teen readers, by author Rick Riordan, and racks of gently used children’s clothing.


As you add up the savings on gifts or other items for your home during the holidays, shopping at your local thrift store will not only save you lots of money, it will likewise allow you the chance to do good by providing job training, employment for local residence, and provide support for those who have served our country.