‘We are not infected’ – A photo essay


Lance Nelson

San Diego community affected by COVID-19.

Lance Nelson, Editor-in-Chief

The original intent of this photo essay was to illustrate the grim reality that so many businesses in the San Diego community find themselves due to COVID-19 – many of which are home to Mesa students.

With nationwide “stay-at-home” orders sweeping the streets, storefronts that once welcomed patrons now find their doors closed for the foreseeable future.

I ended up capturing something much more personally informative. From my own neighborhood to ones I had never set foot prior to the pandemic, I came across messages that signaled hope.

Spanning multiple languages and a variety of business types, a common note was left for each community. One in particular, hidden behind security bars, unintentionally summed it up perfectly.

“We are not infected.”

I ended this project with not 19 images, but one message of unity and a reassurance that life will indeed continue after this difficult period.