San Diego’s best plant-based restaurants


Greg Lovett, The Palm Beach Post

With growing interest in plant-based diets, San Diego has many options.

Ava Moslehi, Co-editor-in-chief

Lucky for us, San Diego offers an array of vegan and vegetarian restaurants for anyone who is craving some plant-based foods. Here are just a few places you can visit in San Diego that offer vegan and vegetarian cuisine:

Plant Power, also described as “the future of fast food,” is a strictly plant-based restaurant with a vegan take on fast-food classics. They offer burgers, wraps, salads, and shakes. With the slogan, “changing the world, one burger at a time,” Plant Power is dedicated to making the world a more environmentally friendly place. They also serve all their food in biodegradable materials. Plant Power currently has three locations open in San Diego for curbside pickup, delivery, and takeout. These locations include Ocean Beach, Encinitas, and San Diego State University. More information about Plant Power Fast Food can be found here.

Loving Hut, another strictly plant-based restaurant, offers an array of dishes including vegan renditions of western classics and desserts. Loving Hut is an international chain with locations in the U.S., Taiwan, Vietnam, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and many more places. Loving Hut has two locations in San Diego, one in North Park and the other in Mira Mesa. With the slogan “Be Vegan, Make Peace!” Loving Hut is focused on making vegan food available for everyone with their affordable prices. Each location has a unique menu and unique hours. More information on Loving hut can be found here

Plumeria is a vegetarian restaurant and offers many vegan options. They offer an array of Thai dishes and have two locations in San Diego, one in Encinitas and another in the heart of University City. With a strong belief in high-quality plant-based foods, Plumeria creates dishes consisting of no animal products, apart from a few dishes which may contain egg and dairy. Their menu easily identifies the difference between vegan and vegetarian food. With a large menu, Plumeria has lots of options to keep customers happy. More information about Plumeria can be found here

Purple Mint, a vegan family-owned bistro, is focused on promoting a healthy vegan lifestyle. Located in Mission Gorge, Purple Mint is an Asian Fusion restaurant, offering many Asian inspired cuisines.  The bistro has a menu with lots of delicious options, describing their dishes as “vegan dishes fused with classical recipes that present an unparalleled twist on authentic Asian cuisine.” More information about Purple Mint can be found here

Veggie Grill is another strictly vegan restaurant with two locations in San Diego, Westfield UTC and Carlsbad. Both locations are available for pick up and delivery. Veggie Grill is focused on “making food matter more by crafting plant-based meals for all kinds of eaters that care for our lives and future.” With a vegan take on classic burgers, sandwiches, burritos, and more, Veggie Grill is a great place to enjoy some Vegan classics. More information about Veggie Grill can be found here

Whether you are on a plant-based diet yourself or looking to try something new, these are just some of the many great vegan and vegetarian restaurants in San Diego.