Eggies: A fun way to eat eggs

Eggies store front in Pacific Beach


Eggies store front in Pacific Beach

Matthew Martinez, Staff writer

Tucked in the hallways of one of San Diego’s most popular food destinations, the Eggies’ storefront awaits customers with its tasty alternatives to classic breakfast and brunch choices. Eggies is a new food spot that has four locations throughout the city, delivering an innovative menu to customers from the East Village to La Jolla. The location in Liberty Station has an intimate approach with its limited space inside, but offers a large courtyard filled with tables outside where customers can enjoy the sun, the fresh air and consume the tasty food that they offer.

What is unique about Eggies, is the way a poached egg is incorporated into all eight option items on the menu. The creators found a way to layer egg with various types of meat, and made it work. Some of the combinations include: fried chicken and egg, turkey patty and egg, and breakfast sausage and egg.

Standing under its own deserving spotlight is the “Potato Hash Jar,” with its varying layers of hash browns, cheddar cheese and poached eggs, topped with bacon and chives, all sealed into a mason jar ready for a meal on-the-go. Skepticism filled my head as I read that ingredient list once more. My main concern being how the smell of the runny yolk would fill the glass jar once I dipped my utensil into it.

Pondering on that, I decided to go with the “California” instead. This option consisted of a house aioli sauce, tomato jam, applewood smoked bacon, a turkey patty, avocado, baby arugula, muenster cheese and, of course, a poached egg. The combination of sauces along with the turkey patty made every bite juicer than the one before. The influence of the egg didn’t hinder the taste of the whole sandwich but instead complemented it. The arugula cleansed my palate and made the sandwich a lot fuller.

Another item I tried on the menu was their chicken sandwich option, “What Came First,” a wise play on words of the classic chicken vs. egg debate. This sandwich combined simpler ingredients: pickles, house aioli sauce, fried chicken and the egg. The tanginess of the pickles combined well with the house aioli sauce and the crispy fried chicken. The bread buns held firm against a runny egg yolk and did not make for a messy meal. My biggest takeaway from the sandwich, is that I would like to have been given the option on how the egg was cooked.

For the fans of a traditional breakfast sandwich, there is the “Eggies Classic.” This option combines three breakfast staples, bacon and eggs and maple-sausage, with sharp cheddar cheese. Every bite blends the egg with the sausage flawlessly, and the sweetness of the bacon complements that just right. I did not feel the need to add ketchup or other condiments that I would usually use with a meal like this. Usually, with sandwich options like these, I feel slowed down for the rest of the day, yet this one gave me the energy boost I needed to be productive for the rest of the afternoon. Eggies has even mastered a classic breakfast experience with their drink options.

Eggies fresh-squeezed orange juice tastes tangy, natural and refreshing, without being pulpy and thick. This was the refreshing pick-me-up needed to continue devouring my meal.

My Eggies experience left enough of a lasting impression for me to revisit their store location again soon. The next time I visit, the “French Toast Jar” will be at the top of my list. When looking for an early breakfast spot, Eggies should be at the top of your list for delectable meals on-the-go. Available everyday at 7 a.m., you can pick up any of their food choices to begin your morning commute and be fueled to take on the day.