Tips and tricks to prepare for transfer


Mesa College Transfer Center Photo Credit : Kyle Ayson

Nina Ortega , Staff Writer

   The time for applying for transfer to a four-year university is here. From Oct. 1 to Nov. 30, students are on a strict deadline to apply for what comes after a Community College. In the 2019-2020 school year, 3,100 students transferred to a California State University or the University of California, after being in the San Diego Community College District. Preparing for transfer can get frustrating and overwhelming, but the San Diego Mesa College transfer department is here to help.

   Mesa’s transfer department ensures that students are prepared to transfer to their respective universities, giving help in areas such as simple transfer talks with an advisor, to financial aid. They make sure that missing deadlines, GPA miscalculations, and filling out applications incorrectly are all avoidable mistakes. It’s important students reach out and use their resources to guarantee a smooth transition from community to a four-year.

   Staying up to date with all important deadlines is crucial in completing transfer applications. “The process has been overwhelming only because it came up so quickly and I was ill prepared,” says second-year criminal justice major, Julianna Austin. One of Mesa’s main goals is to reassure students during this stressful time, by providing various workshops and events to guide those to successfully transfer.

   With San Diego State University being the top transfer school choice for San Diego Community College District students, SDSU also provides numerous amounts of helpful resources in guiding through their specific application targeted for transfer students as well as guidance in financial aid when filling out FAFSA and other grants. Nov. 5 from noon to 1:30 p.m. SDSU is hosting an information zoom session for all fall transfers.

   Students in hopes of transferring are strongly encouraged to join any events that take place during “Transfer Week.” Representatives from CSU’s, UC’s, and private schools are all going to be available to answer questions regarding the school and the transfer process. The Mesa College transfer center has CSU and UC Application open lab assistance Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday through Saturday throughout the months of October and November.

   “I’ve met with a counselor and a peer navigator to give me tips on my application and to see what else I need to complete in order to transfer. I don’t wanna mess up because it honestly could ruin everything so it’s probably best if people ask for help and have someone with experience look the application over,” said Austin., who is majoring in Criminal Justice. Peer navigators are also available virtually from Monday to Thursday from 1-3 p.m. to support, motivate, and answer any questions students may have regarding their education and education planning. This is a different resource students can take advantage of by being able to be assisted through the process of not only transfers, but guidance is readily available throughout students’ community college experience.

   It is suggested students meet with a counselor once a semester to go over their education plan. Assistance from a counselor is also important to make sure students are following the TAG program with their major so they can have an even easier and guaranteed transfer process.

   For more information check out the Mesa transfer center to get help. It’s emphasized that Mesa is here to help anyone be a successful student throughout this transfer process. The events and workshops are designed to help ease the stress during what can be a frustrating experience. Make sure to reach out and take advantage of the resources.