Who’s a good movie? ‘Dog’ is a good movie


Hilary Bronwyn Gayle/SMPSP/Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures Inc./TNS

Channing Tatum stars in the movie “Dog” with his canine co-star Lulu, a Belgian Malinois.

Brandon Quintero, Staff Writer

*may contain spoilers

  Actor Channing Tatum starred in the new movie “Dog,” where it recently premiered with 76% approval on “Rotten Tomatoes.”

   The movie begins like any other military movie, showing you collages of pictures of their tour while Ranger Briggs was on deployment with his team, as if grandma was showing you ‘ol little sonny’s baby picture photo album.“Dog” gives you a perspective of what happens when military personnel come home and are looking for work in their field. For Army Ranger Briggs, played by Tatum, it wasn’t easy or quick. He would have liked applying to a Washington D.C. position working as an agent/security. 

   When he received a call from one of his superiors to report back to base to pick up his deceased friend’s belongings, he was set up with a transporting babysitting job and was told he had to take a K-9, Lulu,  along with him to the funeral to say her goodbyes. Briggs wasn’t expecting to be handling an “out of control beast” considering they both served together and should have already been acquainted. The preview shown in this movie was pretty funny, but after seeing what he actually had to do to the dog to make it relax will have the audience chuckling. That dog definitely was going to have to take human-like meds to keep it from damaging everything around her, which will leave you in a “I KNEW IT” kind of feeling when Lulu takes off running full sprint away from Briggs and ends up on a marijuana farm field in a total complete state of relaxation. 

   After landing in some booby traps and instead of escaping what he thought was a very bad man, Lulu becomes friends with the farmer and his wife. It was hilarious when the farmer saw how ready Briggs was to rescue the dog. The farmer asked, “tell me honestly, how close was I to dying?” Briggs chuckled and replied with a shoulder pat for comfort “pretty close man, pretty close,” as they sat around sucking on some edible lollipops teaching each other a thing or two about their own lifestyles. Their adventure didn’t stop there, as everything that could have possibly gone wrong other than another person dying pretty much happened on their trip to Briggs’ and Lulu’s teammate’s funeral. 

   It was astonishing watching how the dog and owner’s relationship was quickly built. The dog had gone through some serious problems and you could see it, but so was Briggs at the time.  Briggs wasn’t only caring for the Lulu, but the dog was caring for him in her own way. Not being able to see his own daughter kind of gave him a little small outlet whenever he thought about his daughter he wasn’t allowed to see often. So in some way, Lulu was his daughter. In the end, he made a tough decision of not walking away from Lulu and doing everything he possibly could to build a stronger relationship with her, understanding her every need and how to handle such a troubled little lady. “Dog” was an exceptional film and is currently in theaters if you would like to check it out.