The Movie of The Vampire Who Stole Spider-Man’s Girl


Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images/TNS

Jared Leto being greeted by his stunt double walking into the theater trying to avoid any more blood stains on his perfect all white suite ready for the premiere.

Brandon Quintero, Staff Writer

Brandon Quintero

Staff Writer


Marvel’s latest character release is one of Spider man’s villains Dr. Morbius. Leading actor Jared Leto plays the role of a dying doctor that experiments with the blood from wild bats trying to save his own life and others with his same condition. Something goes wrong with the test that mutates him into a vampire with insane powers. They seem to be beyond the powers of what you would see an average stereotypical vampire would have, let alone look like when mutating. Don’t expect a slow introduction this movie gets straight into action catching the doctor on a expedition looking for the cure that he oh so needs direly.


Co-star Matt Smith plays the role of morbius’s best friend suffering from the same deathening sickness, not being able to process red blood cells properly in his body.  To those that know his story in the anime series Morbius was actually a new doctor to the city that began to date spider-man’s second girlfriend Felicia Hardy also known as the Black Cat. Peter Parker and Brock also known as Venom were in a relationship for a short period of time constantly fighting over Felicia. That’s when morbius comes and sweeps her off her feet leaving the two with many questions about the strange vampire doctor in the 90s television anime series.


Jared Leto did an amazing job playing the character known as Dr. Morbius, alongside the special effects to add on to the monstrosity side of his character. It really showed you something awesome about his speed and power. Bringing this comic book character to life with the technology they use today was an amazing sight up close on the big screen. Morbius will really make you jump if you’re too close to the big screen. Don’t let anyone fool you about this underrated movie, especially if you’re a marvel fan. If you’re not familiar with this villain it’s definitely worth looking into. Not too many people know there was someone other than Mary Jane in Peter Parker’s life, who just happened to get swept off her feet by this man-bat, vampire mutant doctor. Wouldn’t you like to know the story of the charming Vampire prince who would one day steal spider man’s girl let alone venom’s girl.


SNEAK PEAK ALERT! At the end of the film during the credits you see someone or something throw Morbius through the multiverse that lands him and the vulture played by Michael Keton in the middle of the desert with a very interesting proposition. If you were bummed out there wouldn’t be another spider man movie, i’m glad to report that it is far from over.