Oh My Gawd! GASP! its Iliza Shlesinger!

Brandon Quintero, Staff Writer

Iliza Shlesinger is a gorgeous rising comedian from the city of Los Angeles. She is a 39-year-old having fun discovering new parts of her life with her handsome husband Noah Galuten as new parents bringing new life into the world. She is currently working on her 7th Netflix special. Quickly growing in popularity, as she should. She has been constantly selling out shows all over the country and is constantly on tour adding new show dates. So if you live anywhere in the regions of the United States of America, you can bet she’s been in your city throwing on an epic show.

Her most recent film “Good On Paper” released on Netflix in 2021 was a gut buster. If you have never heard of her before, her Netflix stand-up comedy specials definitely will have you crying with tears of happiness rolling on the ground like a telly-tubby. You’ll definitely have some complaints to deal with about laughing too hard, a disclaimer. do not watch at 2 am, chances are you will have the cops show up about noise complaints. 

She recently had a show at the downtown San Diego Civic Center on Saturday, May 7th. Where many other famous performers have had the opportunity to shine. The wait in lines for a T-shirt let alone a photo made the lines at an In N Out seem short. People love this woman and showed up with even more love for her after the birth of her child showering her with gifts.

Iliza’s opening act Hunter Hill was a new name to me. He was a great opening act talking about the struggles of his life and being able to do it by putting a smile on the audience’s face. Hunter is also a native of Los Angeles who started his career 6 years ago. He was also a co-star on “Good On Paper” with Iliza and did such a great job working with Iliza that they decided to go on tour together killing shows and slanging jokes. Although finding free parking was a little hard to find downtown on Saturday night, it was possible with just a little walk through the beautiful downtown area at sundown. 

Lines were easy and quick to access the venue, and the consecration lines weren’t terribly long so if you were thirsty or hungry it was not an issue trying to find something to eat or drink. Finding your seat was also relatively easy without the hassle of trying to get by others, it was nicely spaced out enough for people to walk by or be ushered in while the lights were out and the show was going on. I was close enough to be able to hear her with or without the mike but you can tell Iliza’s and Hunter’s voices just echoed to the back of the theater really projecting themselves. Overall they put on an outstanding show that for my taste was way too short and would have loved a much longer performance. They definitely left me craving for more, as I’m sure if you would attend one of her shows you would also agree that you wished it wasn’t over with a tear in your eye.