Brandon Quintero

Drones flying in unique formations above the stages making various images in the sky throughout the night

Brandon Quintero, Staff Writer

EDC! Also known as the Electric Daisy Carnival Festival is a weekend-long festival I had the honor of attending at the speedway in Las Vegas Nevada from March 20th through March 23rd. The experience and artwork of the festival are something out of a beautiful dream, It truly is something special where all are welcome, there’s a giant colorful sign that says it as well in detail of just what “ALL PEOPLE” means.


With the purchase of your ticket, you get to hear almost 1,000 different DJs. All the carnival rides are free, so you are more than welcome to ride the bumper cars, swings, Ferris wheel a thousand times, or any of the other rides scattered across the speedway. There are a handful of beautiful art fun houses and art pieces you can interact with and take awesome pictures with. There are free water stations to refill your bottles or camelbacks scattered around as well if you wanna save money on buying drinks. There are plenty of vendors around as well selling food if you work up an appetite, especially with all the fun going on. Everyone likes to remind each other to be responsible and treat your body with respect, nourishing it, and to help one another if you see someone in trouble.


The stages were amazing this year, they never cease to amaze us. Each stage is a different genre of EDM with different kinds of cinema graphics, lasers, fire, dancers, and fireworks. In between sets if there isn’t anyone on your schedule performing at that moment, wandering around and checking out the different stages is encouraged. Some stages definitely give off different vibes than others and will either push you away or suck you right into the very front. It’s amazing how the stages that suck you right into their music give you such a warm and fuzzy feeling making you feel right at home and loved, almost giving you something to believe in.


The electric daisy carnival has evolved dramatically over the years since its first debut to the world in 1993 hence its trademarked logo for insomniac events, “WIDE AWAKE SINCE 93”. EDC was originally hosted at the Colosseum in Los Angeles California for many years before it began to grow in popularity and needed a much bigger venue in 2010 to host more people, fit more rides and activities, and more stages for the growing variety of genres in the Electronic Dance Music culture. Each year since 2010 EDC has found a new city to lay its roots in and help spread the love and wonders of the culture it brings to the world.