Meals on Wheels


The introduction of Moody’s Food Truck on campus has been a game-changer for students and faculty at Mesa College.

Alysse Dodge, Co-Editor-in-Chief

The addition of a food truck on campus has brought relief to students and faculty at Mesa College who were formerly limited to vending machine snacks for dinner, providing them with a much-needed solution to the limited dining options previously available after the cafeteria closes in the afternoon.

Olympians with busy evening schedules were previously left with no proper dining options. Thankfully, Moody’s food truck is now conveniently between the G and BT buildings on Mesa’s campus from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Thursday.

The truck’s carne asada and carnitas tacos are delicious and reasonably priced. They are served on fresh tortillas with a mouthwatering mixture of toppings, offering a wide range of flavors and temperatures to satisfy every palate. In addition to tacos, the menu offers a variety of items including quesadillas and burritos. Fries, rice, and beans are offered as sides to accompany the tasty entrees. The truck also caters to snack lovers with a selection of treats, including Rice Krispies Treats, Cheetos, and Nesquik Chocolate Milk. The quick service allows Olympians to efficiently fit mealtime into their non-stop schedules.

Victoria Molina, a Mesa College student with an evening class on Tuesdays, praised the food truck for its convenience and delicious food. Molina said, “The food truck was a great idea. It is so convenient and the food is amazing. I’m thankful that Mesa is considerate of those of us enrolled in late classes.” Positive feedback from students like Molina reflects the importance of the addition of Moody’s food truck.

Food trucks have also recently opened at City and Miramar Colleges, providing similar options for students and faculty at those campuses as well. At City College, the truck is located at the AH Quad. At Miramar College, the truck is located between the K100 and the Science Building.