Restaurant Review: 72Fifty’s delicious way to start the day


72Fifty’s light, refreshing, and delicious Acaí bowl.

Nicole Hayek, Editor-in-Chief

A place for students to socialize, work, and most importantly, eat, is easily accessible with the presence of 72Fifty on campus. The student-run restaurant, located on the second floor of the Mesa Commons, offers a comfortable space for students to enjoy a variety of unimaginably delicious breakfast items.

Upon arrival, students are greeted by a host who offers them a menu and a place to sit. After taking time to observe the menu and select their breakfast item of choice, students can place their orders with a server. 72Fifty requires payment directly after students place their orders, granting those with busy schedules a speedy departure after finishing their meals. 

With 14 tables located inside, and 11 tables on the terrace, the restaurant offers plenty of space for dining students to spend time with their friends and family, study before class, or simply enjoy a great view. The restaurant overlooks the majority of Mesa’s campus, including the Business and Technology building, the Math and Science building, and our charming quad, providing students with pleasant scenery while they enjoy their meals.

The eatery has a student-created fresh daily menu which includes a variety of tasty options to satisfy any morning craving ranging from hot and crispy chicken tenders on fluffy Belgian waffles to freshly made house smoothies. The collection of items on its menu is priced reasonably, offering another student-friendly feature to its customers. For example, students are able to get two chocolate chip pancakes, served with warm maple syrup and dairy-whipped butter, for only $3.

The Acai Bowl, which is priced at a fair $8, is a mouthwatering combination of textures, flavors, and temperatures. The Entrees base is a thick and cool acai sorbet, which offers a sweet flavor for morning sugar lovers, topped with an assortment of healthy fresh fruits including pineapples, strawberries, cantaloupe, blueberries, and bananas. The next layer is a combination of warm peanut butter, homemade almond granola,  raisins, and shaved coconut, creating a perfect blend of crunchy, chewy, and smooth. The bowl is completed with a thick layer of honey, adding a final touch of sweetness to the refreshing dish.

Another must-try at 72Fifty is the breakfast wrap, consisting of students’ choice of egg, Encinitas potatoes, and preferred fillings. Prior to selecting filling choices, students can choose between scrambled, sunny side up, over easy, over medium, or over hard eggs. Next, two filling selections can be made out of the nine offered: cheddar cheese, feta cheese, bacon, ham, sausage, tomato, sauteed peppers, and spinach. If students would like to select more than two of these options, they can do so by paying a dollar more per filling. 

The wrap, when prepared with cheddar cheese and bacon,  provides its consumers with a perfect blend of soft and crunchy warm ingredients. As you take the first bite, you might notice the crispness of the exterior, which has been toasted to perfection. As you keep chewing, you might start to observe the tenderness of the fluffy, nicely cooked scrambled egg, which has combined its flavoring with the savory melted cheddar cheese. Lastly, the salty taste of the crispy bacon might flood your tastebuds, completing the satisfying experience. 

Whether you like to enjoy your morning with a slow coffee on the terrace or need to pick up breakfast minutes before class, 72Fifty delivers flavorful options to start the day. With its well-prepared food and welcoming environment, the restaurant deserves a five-star rating. Students can enjoy the delights of 72Fifty Monday-Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m., with online ordering starting at 8:00 a.m.