The Father the son and “The House of Gucci”


Gucci at the Natick Mall. The iconic Italian luxury goods brand

Victor L. Moore, Features Editor



   The “House of Gucci” takes us on a dive into the world of fashion where fortune and fame can be very intoxicating and some will do whatever it takes to seize it. 

   Starring an all-star cast with Lady Gaga as Patrizia Reggiani, Salma Hayek as Pina Auriemma, Adam Driver as Maurizio Gucci, Jared Leto as Paolo Gucci, and Al Pachino as Aldo Gucci. 

   As soon as Patrizia meets Maurizo at a party and he introduces himself as a Gucci, the look in her eyes resembles a lioness stalking her prey. Patrizia was relentless in her pursuit of Maurizio, following him all over town, until she finally got him to agree to take her on a date. After several dates Maurizio builds up enough courage to introduce Patrizia to his father Rodolfo Gucci played by Jeremy Irons. Rodolfo was immediately turned off by Maurizio choice of lady as he learns that the Reggianis are in the ground transportation industry which is ran by the mafia in 70’s Italy, after some investigating Rodolfo suspects that Patrizia may be with him because of his money like so many other women but Maurizio is clearly blinded by love. After a major disagreement with his father Maurizio decided to leave his fathers home and goes to Patrizia’s family home where he confesses his love for Patrizia to Fernando Reggiani played by Vincent Riotta. At first glance Fernando and Silvana Reggiani seems a bit baffled by this stunt but in the end respecting Maurizio’s courage and love for their daughter they submit to his request Maurizio did not just ask for their daughter’s hand in marriage, but also for a job in the families ground transportation as he was a law school student and unemployed.

   Maurizio and Patrizia ended up getting married much to the surprise of his uncle Aldo Gucci, when Aldo finds out that the young couple got married he immediately sat down with his brother Rodolfo before Aldo’s 70th birthday and tries to explain to Rodolfo that he is aging and needs to reconcile with his son so he could be heir to the Gucci family business because he recognizes the competence in Maurizio and feel he should take over because his son Paolo played by Jared Leto is far from competent in his eyes. At this same time, Patrizia was pushing Maurizo to patch things up with his father as her eyes were on the prize from the very start. At Aldo’s birthday party he was able to sit down with the newlyweds and express his interest in bringing in Maurizio into the fold by the end of the party       Aldo gifts the newlyweds with two plane tickets to New York city which Maurizio was not too thrilled about, but with some enticing Patrizia gets Maurizio to see things her way and the two of them were on their way to the big apple. While in New York Aldo and Patrizia both agree to work together to get Maurizio where he belongs in the family business during this time Rodolfo ends up passing away and Maurizio joins the family business and this was Patrizia’s dream come true. From this point Patrizia set out to make gucci hers by any means necessary and she also convinces a gullible Maurizio to go along with her plan her first move was to use Paolo’s desire to be part of the family business against his own father because of some unattended tax issues when Aldo refuses to let Paolo in the family business Paolo inform the authorities about his own fathers tax issues and gets him sent to federal prison for a year, the next part of Patrizia’s master plan was to get Paolo out the way with a trademark infringement charge where Paolo was served with a cease and desist order during a fashion show of Paolo line with Gucci. During all this Maurizio was feeling guilty and began to have second thoughts about his and Patrizia’s scheme while away on vacation. Overall, this movie was enticing and you should definitely check it out.