Sweet Myths, a Mesa student led band, rocks The Casbah!


Sandy Guerrero

San Diego, California – The Casbah – August 30, 2017 – DeeJay Rich, David Sullivan, Diego Rodriguez, and Dylan Farrell.

Sandy Guerrero, Staff Writer

Here comes the sun-tastic Sweet Myths!

With an eclectic array of beats ranging from rock, blues, indie, and Jazz; Mesa College’s very own Sweet Myths displayed a tantalizing unique sound as they took the stage at The Casbah on Aug. 30.

Opening the show with a teaser from their second EP,  with ‘Dirty Samba,’ due to come out in a few months, plus more songs from their newly released digital album like ‘Seven Eight (Trapezoid)’ and ‘Days Gone’.  Like a ‘myth’,  it was a musical phenomenon. The arrangement of melody and sweet eclectic sounds to the ear and display of precision plus showmanship was hard to ignore.

Singer and guitarist Diego Rodriguez vocals reached pitches that danced with each note leading into the next seamlessly, while DeeJay Rich, also on guitar, relayed back and forth with Rodriguez’s strikes that meshed as one powerful creating melodic, and mesmerizing instrumental filled passages:  and solos. Behind the riffs, was the pulse of the band, Dylan Farrell on bass, with intricate, highly energized rhythms. Topping it off with a bang, was David Sullivan on drums; unleashing fury and unforgettable beats.

Only 14 months from its inception, the band has already released two EPs and their first full digital album called Yoloy, which you can buy and download at Bandcamp.com for $6 or donate more.

If you missed them at the Casbah, you can catch them again Sept. 19th at The Merrow; show starts at 8:00 p.m. Tickets can be purchased on their website for $5.

Founding members Rodriguez (Vocals/Guitar) and Sullivan (Drums) are presently enrolled in the Applied Music Program (AMP) at Mesa College, while Rich (Guitar) is an alumni of the program and Farrell (Bass) will be coming back to Mesa this Spring semester to attend and audition for AMP.

Rodriquez is a classical guitarist and does modern musical composition, while Rich and Farrell share Rock and Roll, plus Jazz. Sullivan follows with Jazz and Rock but also takes interest in funk and Latin.

There is rich musical background from each band member; you can say they are open minded when it comes in selecting, collaborating, producing each song.

“… because we like a lot of different genres and a lot of different styles of music… a lot of the songs end up being very different but still kind of compulsive…” Diego Rodriguez.

“… I think we all come from different musical backgrounds too so that just kind of, you know, helps accentuate that eclectic style…” David Sullivan.

One thing they can all agree on is the  element of Jazz that is intertwined in their music that produces something unheard of, a Je Ne Sais Quoi. You can’t seem to define it, but it sounds fantastic!

“… the common we have is we all kind of started listening to like rock music to some degree and then after that we kind of matured into Jazz …” DeeJay Rich.

When asked where they got the idea for their band name, it was as unique as their music itself, from spontaneously opening up an art book and randomly pointing to two words on the page; which came to be: Sweet Myths.

There is no myths about it, this band is headed to great stardom!