The Sound of Metal: The movie review


Matthew Martinez, Staff Writer

The Sound of metal on Amazon Prime Video debuted Friday December 4, 2020. Free for Amazon Prime subscribers , viewers can witness the story of Ruben Stone, a hard drummer who loses his hearing during the middle of a tour with his long time girlfriend and their rock group called Black Gammon. Throughout the film, the viewers see the main Character Ruben struggles with learning to be deaf, finding peace in his new reality, and trying to get back to the life he previously had but little does he know things will never be the same.
The opening scene introduces us to Black Gammon; Lou (Ruben’s Girlfriend) in vocals & Ruben drumming directly behind her. He gazes at her, the crowd, and the moment they are living. Following, it introduces the audience to their lifestyle off stage. During setup at their next tour stop, Ruben faces a crewd moment, when he hears a loud ringing sound accompanied by only muffled noises after. Onstage, he tries to play and tough it out as if nothing is wrong, but things begin to worsen as walks off the stage mid set when he realizes he cannot hear at all.
Audiences will witness throughout the film glimpses of multiple displays of perseverance on Ruben behalf. He joins a deaf community where he learns not only how to communicate with ASL, but also how to be at peace with hearing silence and only his thoughts. A recurring scene is Ruben sitting in an empty office setting with only pen and paper. He was tasked by the head of the deaf community to sit and write whatever it is that’s on his mind regardless if it made sense or not, The camera angles pans out and we a struggling Ruben crushing his breakfast donut out while screaming with anger and frustration. As Time passes on in the movie Ruben learns how to communicate with other people in the deaf community as we see him again in the office at peace.