The deal with crashing classes

Cecilia Felix

Students trying to enroll in a class at Mesa better act fast before classes fill up. Many wait until the last minute to register because they are unsure if they want to attend school this semester or wait another year.

Often when these students do try to register, they find out that all the seats are taken. They end up crashing the class – attending the first day and hoping an enrolled student will drop and the professor will give them an add code. Professors tend to drop students who do not show up the first day, leaving an open seat for crashers interested in the class, though crashers are never guaranteed a spot.

Because a strict number of people can fit into each classroom, some crashers come for the first two weeks of class and a spot never opens for them. Just because students are put on the waitlist or are crashing a class does not mean that they will be able to add the class. Many students have to struggle to get the classes they need, arriving early to the class to let the professor know that they are serious about it. They must attend every class session.

Some students have to stand up during class because there are not enough seats available. One solution to this problem is increasing the number of students Mesa allows in each class by increasing class space and having more times available. Mesa could also eliminate the problem by scheduling one class right after another, rather than allowing one or two hours to elapse between classes.

“Not only did I have to crash one class, I had to crash three of them,” freshman Ricardo Arreola said. “[It was] a good thing that the people who registered didn’t show up, so there was enough room for me.”

Many students don’t realize that when they don’t show up on the first day, most professors will give their spot to another student. Sometimes professors offer second chances, but it all depends on their policy and the student capacity of their room. This is an issue at many other community colleges as well, including City, Miramar and Grossmont.

Next semester, register on time (don’t put if off!) and make the registration appointment as soon as possible. Crashing classes is difficult and stressful for most students so hurry to get the class you want. Even if you aren’t sure if you want to attend the next semester, register for classes just in case you decide to attend. It is better to be prepared than to have to crash classes or be put on the waitlist. After all, students do have two weeks before the drop date.

Lastly, and most importantly, attend your classes on the first day. If you are crashing then show up to the class, give it a week and a half and you most likely will end up with a seat. If you are already enrolled, attend your classes to ensure that your seat will not be taken.