Last student Art Show of semester

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Last student Art Show of semester

David Nguyen

"Life is a Journey," by Nazli Ghassemi

Yanessa Hernandez, Staff Writer

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On Thursday, May 1st the art gallery held the opening night of their last student art show of the semester. The opening night was complete with an opening reception as well as a student art sale and music by El Duo, Jeremy Field, and Emery Owens Renner. This final art show will continue until Thursday, May 15th.

As well as being able to appreciate the artwork itself, you are able to get insight on some of the artworks from the artists’ perspectives. For example, one piece in particular titled Daydream by artist Sally Choi provided her artwork with her personal goal for her work.

“Being inspired by a literary work, I wanted to create a piece that depicted life, and death/peace, and chaos. I wanted to utilize color to bring out the concepts and create a sense of a risen paradise,” said the description next to Choi’s artwork.

You don’t have to wait to get inside to view the artwork, though. In the front windows of the gallery are more pieces of artwork. One of the students, Starr Lanier, whose art was displayed in the window of the art show, also provided her art work with what inspired her piece: Inspired by Rothko.

“The assignment was to do an illustration based on the artist/painter Mark Rothko. Both my choice of color and silhouettes were inspired by his painting title No. 1, White Center, and Rites of Lilith,” said the description next to Lanier’s work in the window.

The artwork doesn’t stop at simple drawings or paintings, however. It is complete with a variety of different types of artworks. The gallery contains 3-dimensional art as well as digital art and other types of drawing techniques, reaching many spectrums of mediums.

All the original artwork that is being displayed can be viewed until May 15th in the art gallery next to room D-101 near the LRC until 4 p.m. on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays and until 8 p.m. on Thursdays. The art gallery is worth checking out in the short time period that remains. Some are unaware that the gallery was occurring, such as student Marleigh Lewis who responded, “There’s an art gallery?” when the event was brought up.