Mesa College installs lactation room


Bijan Izadi

Mesa’s new lactation room will be located on the third floor of the G Building in Room 338.

Marcel Anderson, News Editor

Over the years, lactation rooms have been a required facility for employers to provide female workers to use once they return to work after the birth of their children. Considering such, San Diego Mesa College will be receiving a lactorium in room G-338, on the third floor of the G Building.

With this new facility opening up, professors and other members of administration and faculty will be able to return to work and have a private quarters to take care of necessary, bodily means, as opposed to going into a bathroom.

Due to Section 4207 of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, it is mandatory for employers to have this room, making the transition back to work easier for employers. Not only would this benefit faculty and staff on campus, but some believe that the services should also be offered to students. Freshman Aneyla Adona comments, “I think it is great that Mesa College will be offering a lactation room for faculty and staff, but it should also be offered to students who are new mothers as well.” With that being said, it is seen that faculty, staff, and students all have an open mind about the idea of the new lactation room.

Considering the availability of this new installation, a new sense of ease will be bestowed upon female cohorts of the Mesa Community, and will help continue the steady flow of work that the campus has put out over the years. With that being said, San Diego Mesa College is one more step closer to a full fledged working space for all of its employees.

All in all, with this lactation room becoming a part of the Mesa College institution, it will surely be a positive service to both faculty and staff, and possibly even students on campus.