The New Mesa Commons Is Unveiled


Caitlyn Landi-Bishop, Staff Writer

The official reveal of the brand-new and 73,000 square foot Commons at San Diego Mesa College was this past Wednesday, Sep. 14. A significant number of people including architects, engineers, designers, consultants, and even Mesa’s own team contributed to the project. At the ribbon cutting ceremony, Pamela Luster, President of San Diego Mesa College proudly stated that, “it has changed the patterns of how our students and all of us experience this campus. We now have this beautiful new entry to campus, the sunrise plaza.”
The purpose of this new building is not only to incorporate an amazing culinary arts department, book store, café, conference rooms, convenience store, coffee shop, and campus stock and mail and printing services, but to provide a place for students to come together and feel a strong sense of comfort. Maria Nieto Senour, who is on the Board of Trustees for the San Diego Community College District could not have been more thrilled and passionate when saying, “This is a place where they can come, they can meet with their peers, they can study together, and as we all know one of the important parts of retention of students is their sense of community within the campus and this building helps to create more of that sense of community, that already exists, but this will even enhance it more.”
There is no doubt that Mesa College has gone through dramatic changes in its’ appearance, but its students, faculty and staff have remained the same kind, hard-working, and communal people they were the day these structural modifications began. These individuals and the people of San Diego are who Mesa has to thank for all of these upgrades. In 2006, San Diego tax payers voted in favor of Proposition N, a $870 million Community College Bond Measure. This vote that has forever changed the San Diego Community District and Mesa for the better. After speaking with students, professors, and admirers of the building, it is clear the tax payers of San Diego and everyone involved in these changes put forth into Mesa College are truly paying off.
A few students took time out of their day to discuss what this new building means to them and how its changed the campus so dramatically. A Culinary student, Christina Goking, said she “really appreciates an outlet that I can put my creativity into and I can really express myself, and these chefs here are phenomenal; they bring classes to another level, get everyone involved, and there’s no one falling behind.” The new changes have sparked a new interests and excitement in students and staff visiting, dining, shopping, and participating in classes within the Commons. Isabella Baldraco, who works at the bookstore on campus stated: “I’ve been here the last six years, so it’s been a really good experience seeing it grow and having this new bookstore is a good addition.” As Mesa continues to flourish, it is evident that faculty, staff, and students alike are excited for the current improvements and cannot wait to see what the campus will unveil next.