Associated Students survey asks students about education goals

A recent Mesa Associated Students survey queried students about their educational goals.

Mesa Office of Communications

A recent Mesa Associated Students survey queried students about their educational goals.

Samantha Festin, Staff Writer

The Associated Student Government conducted a survey for San Diego Mesa College students to take online concerning the school and students’ progress toward their educational goals. A total of 112 students participated in the survey answering questions that helped the Associated Students discover more about what needs to be improved on the campus.

Questions involved topics like campus safety, deciding what classes to take, educational plans, and improvements students want to see in the library. AS posted the survey on Survey Monkey, a software that offers free customizable surveys and programs involving data analysis, sample choices, and data presentation tools.

Timothy Ackerson, 21, psychology major and AS senator, was in charge of creating the survey and gathering information. “What I’m really happy about is that people feel safe on campus, so that’s a plus,” Ackerson said. “You wouldn’t really think that students would want the school to provide laptops and tablets but they do, and the library is working on that so that’s good. The results can be surprising.”

The Associated Students came to a conclusion that the biggest takeaway from the data was finding out what the students had to say about the campus and what the school could do to improve students’ learning experiences.

Jenny Nguyen, 23, computer science major and AS senate representative, supported the idea of the survey and voted to hold more in the future. “I think this is something we should do more often,” Nguyen said. “We should know what the real issues are that students deal with.” Ackerson then responded, “I definitely agree and I’d be more than happy to do the survey again next semester.”

Funds of about $130 were used to conduct the survey and the college provided iPads for students to use in order to contribute their answers. AS discussed the outcome of the survey on Dec. 3 during their meeting in I4-409 A/B.