Goodbye Reg-e, hello mySDCCD

mySDCCD dashboard where students will have access to everything they need in one place Photo Credit:

Serena Randazzo, Staff Writer

San Diego Community College District students and faculty will have something new to learn and navigate starting summer 2019. There will no longer be access to legacy systems like Reg-e and faculty web services that have been used for over thirty years. It will be integrated into one software. The district is making the transition to a new system called “mySDCCD.”

According to the district website, this is said to be the district’s largest, most complex, comprehensive student technology projects. The website also stated  this program change is “to be part of a technology modernization effort that strives to provide students and employees with an intergregated, mobile friendly, student information system.” The new system has been specifically designed for the San Diego Community College District, along with people from the district taking part in the designing of the site. Faculty and staff from all the campuses have teamed up to ensure that mySDCCD is user friendly and will meet the needs of the students, staff, and faculty. Within this one system all the information regarding admissions, financial aid, registration, counseling, student records and more will now be in one place. Students are gaining access to financial aid through mySDCCD, meaning that they won’t have to wait in line, they can log on and see what awards and waivers they have earned.

From this single port of entry, students will be able to register, add or drop classes, and have access to unofficial transcripts. Students will be making all payments for classes, health fees, and parking permits through mySDCCD starting summer 2019. They will also be able to have access to education plans and transfer credit reports to keep track of credits they have earned. This is where the students will look for English and math skill-level test scores. For faculty using the new system, this is where they will distribute add codes to students and record grades. Other campus staff, like counselors, will also have access to mySDCCD where they can view students’ progress.

Although this will be major adjustment for everyone, there is a positive outlook on the new technology improvements. Sasha Carter, Geology professor says, “The greatest improvement will be in how instructors communicate grades and feedback to their students. The one-stop-shop format makes it far easier to check communications from students.” He also spoke about how this new system will make it easier for instructors as they won’t have to track down information from several places.

MySDCCD will now give student 24-hour access to student portals, including weekends. Even being able to access all this information through a mobile device. On the district website, students can sign up to receive updates about the new system and will have access to training sessions so they can become more comfortable navigating mySDCCD. To access mySDCCD, students should have received an email with instructions inviting them to the website to create an account.