Fall semester enrollment expected to be down


Mesa Office of Communications

The enrollment number has gone down this semester because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jacob DeMille, Staff Writer

Enrollment at Mesa is likely to be down for this fall semester. 

According to Mesa’s Vice President of Instruction, Dr. Isabel O’Connor, “Most colleges in the region, and across the state, are experiencing enrollment challenges and project an enrollment decline of 6 to 8% compared to Fall 2019.”

The official enrollment numbers will not be available until later in the semester because the census for full-term fall classes ended recently on August 31st, Dr. O’Connor added. 

Additionally, she explained, the San Diego Unified School District has not fully counted the enrollment numbers for high school students taking college-level courses. 

Enrollment is also still open for classes taking place in the final eight weeks of the semester. 

This expected decline comes as colleges statewide have made the switch to mostly online learning due to COVID-19 lockdown measures. 

Dr. O’Connor says, even though enrollment will likely be down, California has ensured state funding will not be affected by the change.