Students back on campus for the fall semester


Xamara Aleman

Students at San Diego Mesa College campus

Xamara Aleman, Opinions Editor

San Diego Mesa College welcomed students back to campus for the fall semester on Aug. 22, for some being the first time ever on the campus and others returning from before the COVID-19 pandemic. Students have shown uncertainty and positive emotions regarding what it feels like to attend face-to-face lectures again. Excited about being able to interact with professors and uneasy about not knowing others. 

“It’s nice being on a bigger campus because there are more resources than my last campus,” said Jude Giulitto.

Students had expressed they acclimated to online classes and felt anxious about interacting and not knowing anyone but having the resources on campus: counseling, student health center, tutoring, the library, and the campus bookstore has helped with relieving the stress. 

Connecting with faculty is not as hard as it used to be, Truc Nguyen said, “It’s also easier to connect with your professors instead of communicating through email which can take days for a response.” The best part of being back on campus is not having to rely on a reply back when you can instantly get your question answered in class. 

The biggest problem about being back on campus according to Katie Appenzeller, “It’s just parking!” The amount of students returning back to campus this fall has resulted in a crisis to find a parking spot. Speaking of parking spots, parking permits are required for the fall semester. 

With students being back on campus this means it’s time for Mesa to host some live events. According to flyers and social media (@sdmesacollege) posted around campus, Sept. is Latinx Heritage month, to celebrate the Latinx students and colegas at Mesa College. For more information contact Leticia Diaz at

Just a reminder that COVID-19 is still lurking around, making face coverings still required on campus or when participating in campus activities. To ensure students and faculty stay healthy throughout the fall semester.