Aunt Flow to the rescue!


Aunt Flo

Model E, one of the dispensers that Aunt Flo has from their product photos.

Anna Pham, Staff Writer

Great news has come our way for everyone who experiences menstrual cycles. According to the Districts News Center website, the San Diego Community College District has announced that every gender-neutral and ladies restrooms will now be installing dispensaries loaded with free feminine hygiene products and expect these installations to be completed by the end of the fall semester. 

Gov. Newsom signed the Menstrual Equity for All Act, which now requires all public schools ranging from grades 6 to 12, community colleges and the California State University System to provide free menstrual products. This legislation eliminates taxes on the sale of menstrual products. It also requires schools to provide these products in at least 50% of the bathrooms used by schools which the SDCCD will surpass.

A few of the students think it is a very nice idea that the school is now providing these dispensaries in addition to them being free. Second year student, Lizbeth Rocha said “I think it will be incredibly helpful, because a lot of us you know, can’t afford to bring any or buy some from our home and we shouldn’t have to worry about feminine hygiene products.” She also added that a student in one of her classes did not have change to buy feminine hygiene products and was uncomfortably sitting through class. Rocha’s friend, another second year, Paola Sanchez, who was sitting across from her said the Math and Science building with dispensaries in the women’s bathrooms were not free but also did not work. She also said, “that’s great that they have that.”

The Dean of Student Affairs, Victoria Kerba Miller said, “I’m so excited because it’s an additional expense that a student would need to pay for but we can provide it especially while the student is on campus. We do not want students to pay out of pocket for things that are basic needs and THAT is a basic need.” When Miller was asked if students have ever came to her about this issue, Miller said, “Yes, a few years back I believe students of the associated student leader shared some concerns that it wasn’t very accessible, it wasn’t easily available, and so I’m so thrilled to see that we know this is a need and we are able to fulfill that need.” 

SDCCD News Center also informed that approximately 200 dispensers will be installed with the help from the company Aunt Flow. They wrote, “About 20 devices from the company Aunt Flow were donated and have already been installed at San Diego City College. Additional dispensers will be ordered soon.” If you want more information about Aunt Flow you can visit their website:

Not only is this news great for students but it can also help busy teachers go about their day in case they happen to have their menstrual cycle suddenly during work hours. Teachers also won’t need to worry about if restrooms are stocked with products that they, themselves, may bring in to help students sometimes. Hopefully with this news, students and teachers can continue their education with ease as this new addition comes to our school.