It’s transfer time!


Nicole Hayek

The student service center contains the transfer center where students can get assistance with the transfer process

Nicole Hayek, Editor-in-Chief

Transfer season is upon the students of San Diego Mesa College, as UC and CSU applications for Fall 2023 have opened up! People from around the world come to Mesa College for the opportunity to transfer to a California State school or University. Mesa’s transfer program gives students the opportunity to become a part of a four-year institution. The Mesa College transfer center includes a team of five women who are available to answer your transfer questions and assist you with your transfer needs. The transfer center is here to help!

Many students on campus have explored career options, chosen a major, and begun taking classes that align with that major to receive acceptance into the school of their choosing. Now it’s time to make that dream a reality. The Transfer Center opened its transfer workshops and open labs on Oct.1, and will continue to hold them through Nov. 30, which is the deadline for CSU and UC applications. However, the Transfer Center will not be open on Oct. 13, Nov. 11, Nov. 24, and Nov. 25.

Transfer workshops and open labs are a great way to ensure preparation and organization throughout the transfer process. During these labs, the Transfer Center leaders walk students through the steps of the application process, help them build their application, and ensure their transfer checklist is complete. Before attending these workshops, it is strongly recommended that students have their unofficial transcripts in hand, and have completed the CSU application prep tool. 

Although the members of the Transfer Center are there to assist students with the application process, it is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure the accuracy and completion of their applications. This means that students should be on top of their own application process, and should not rely on the help of the Mesa College Transfer Center. 

It is a common misconception among students that there is guaranteed transfer admission into a four-year college from Mesa, but there is no definitive guarantee that students will be accepted into the school of their choosing. There are a lot of factors that go into the application process, and the leaders of the transfer center will not be held accountable if a student does not succeed in getting accepted to the school of their choosing. 

There are important dates to remember throughout the transfer process. The first date students must remember is that the application deadline is Nov. 30. Students will not be able to submit applications after this day, and will have to wait for applications to open for the spring semester of 2023. Secondly, students must apply for graduation from Mesa College by Nov. 15. If a student fails to apply for their degree or certificate, they will not be successful in their transfer. Lastly, It is important that students are aware of the supplemental applications they must submit at the beginning of January. These supplemental applications will contain the grades your receive in your final semester at Mesa College, and a possible essay containing your reasoning for wanting to attend, depending on the school you are heading to. This will be the final determining factor of your acceptance into the school of your choosing, so ensure you are looking out for an email from the advisors of your four-year institution at the beginning of January. 

The Mesa Press is so excited to see where the brilliant students of Mesa College decide to embark on their next educational journey and congratulates you on your academic success.